Coffee has become a fashionable drink that is sold on every corner and almost everyone has a half-liter cup of coffee in his hand. Many of us drink several of these cups of coffee a day, although even one of these exceeds the allowable dose of caffeine.

If you cannot control your coffee consumption yourself, trust your smartphone.

With CupBuddy for iOS, you can track your daily caffeine intake and predict your metabolism and caffeine excretion.

Unlike many trackers, adding information to CupBuddy is very easy. True, this can only be done if you subscribe.

Press Record caffeine , select the drink you want , enter the cup size and the time to drink. After that, the main page of the application will display information about the consumed drink and the time by which caffeine will be removed from the body.

On the Limits tab, you can track how much coffee you can still drink before exceeding the norm. In theory, the limits can be adjusted using the Edit button , but the button did not work for me.

On the History tab, you can view the entire history of coffee consumption for the day, week or month.

Download CupBuddy

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