Not all services supports export to Spotify. So I decided to talk about how to transfer music from any streaming service to Spotify.

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There are many utilities for exporting to Spotify from other services. The most popular ones are even supported by Spotify itself. But in the case of some not so popular as VK BOOM, Yandex.Music or even a simple playlist in a music player, everything is much more complicated.

SpotiApp helps export music from any music service to Spotify.

The trick is that the application recognizes a screenshot of your music list and collects tracks on it in Spotify.


It works like this:

  • take a screenshot of the playlist in your service;
  • upload screenshot to SpotiApp;
  • The application recognizes tracks;
  • Click the Transfer to Spotify button;
  • Recognized tracks appear in the general list in Spotify.

Download SpotiApp

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