Finally technology has come to a point when you can call to another country and speak their native language. The speech will be translated into your language.

This is autotranslated version of this post.

Phone Call Translator will help to translate voice calls in real time between different languages. You can call to another country and speak with the caller in English, and he will hear their native speech and vice versa.

The app is a simple dialer. You can make calls to any mobile and landline numbers.

Before the call you need to choose the languages from which and to which the transfer will be made. Then you dial the number and call.

When the caller picked up the phone, you press the microphone icon, say what you want. Phone Call Translator translates your voice into the language of the caller. The application then waits for a response and the same voice reads the answers in your language. Additionally, the translation is duplicated with text.

Перевести телефонный разговор в реальном времени

Ignore the crazy translations on the screenshot above. I tested the app, being with someone in the same room and the interpreter is little confused.

Actually Phone Call Translator translates quite well if there is no any interference. The call rates are cheaper than regular calls abroad. And the translation is supported in 30 languages.

To test the application using a test account:

Password: lingvanex

Chosse translation to Russian.

All claims can be sent to developers here for iOS and here for Android.

Download Phone Call Translator

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