For many KeePass is the only true password manager. Even despite the fact that in the modern world it is not so convenient to use. There is no synchronization between devices, autocomplete, the ability to work without a client at all, and much more.

Yes, in each such post I got comments that there is synchronization and autofill. All this works easily and without problems, and in general, the author is a fool. I will not argue, although I do not agree with this.

But today's post about KeeWeb is the alternative between KeePass and fans of modern LastPass, Dashlane and others. Or not?

KeeWeb is a free, open source password manager and fully compatible with KeePass.

The client is available on all major desktop platforms: Windows, macOS and Linux. On Windows and Linux, there are versions that do not require installation. If necessary, there is a web version of the password manager that can be deployed on your server.

When you start the application, you will find a minimalistic window in a modern design. Where you can open an existing database, create a new one or try a demo base.

KeeWeb Start Window
KeeWeb Start Window

The database can be opened both from the local drive, and from WebDav, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. You can also start the password generator directly from the start window and without authorization.

Unfortunately, you can import passwords only from KeePass or from any other password manager that can export the database to .kdbx format. Spoiler, Dashlane is not one of them.

Otherwise, after exporting or creating a new database, you will have a completely familiar password manager interface in structure. The design of the application is light, in a dark theme and modern.

KeeWeb Password Database
KeeWeb Password Database

Russian language in KeeWeb is installed using plugins. Yes, there are plugins here, which I will discuss below.

KeeWeb Features

Talking about all the features of KeeWeb, I do not see the point. Everything you are used to at KeePass is here. This is a complete password manager with all the necessary features. Therefore, I will tell you what makes KeeWeb different. Yes, I remember that plugins can implement everything in KeePass.

KeeWeb out of the box supports seven color themes for every taste. Although the default is dark, in my opinion, the best.

Additionally, you can set the font size, change the color of the icons, enable Markdown support in password notes, switch to tabular display.

For more convenient navigation, each of the passwords can be set to one of six color labels. When you click on such a label, the entire group of passwords associated with it will open.

The search string in KeeWeb works not only for password names, but in general for the entire contents of the database. You can find the right password if the match is even in the tag or comments on it.

The following field types are allowed for passwords:

  • username and password;
  • website;
  • the note;
  • tag
  • expiration date (when expires);
  • file;
  • icon.

In addition to the passwords, you can add custom fields that can be made visible or hide their contents. The password itself can be marked as one-time, or specify autofill options.

Passwords, of course, have a story that can be viewed at any time. Files can be dragged or selected through Explorer. For images there is a simple viewer.

As in the case of KeePass, there is an opportunity to expand the functionality with the help of plugins.

For example, you can check passwords for leaks or activate a browser extension.

Unfortunately, for me, KeeWeb still remains an outdated alternative to modern password managers. Still, it’s important for me to have convenient and quick access to my passwords from any device and with a minimum of headache.

But for those who do not want to leave with KeePass, I would recommend trying this application. You may not find any plugins here, but you will definitely not get lost in the basic capabilities. But there will be a normal human interface. Although the essence of password managers is not in their beauty.

Download KeeWeb

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