You've probably seen 3D photos on Facebook. When you swipe or tilt the phone, the image angle also changes. Such photos can be taken using Facebook itself.

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But in this post I will tell you how to make 3D on any smartphone and share it in any application.

LucidPix will help you create 3D photos for any social networks.

The application has three main functions:

  • add 3D frames;
  • 3D photo creation;
  • Convert regular photos to 3D

As part of this post, the first paragraph is of little interest to us, but the last two are worth paying attention to.

Shooting in 3D works the same way as regular photos. No need to do anything special. The finished photo can be uploaded to Facebook or saved as a gif or video.

When saving, you can select the type of rotation: horizontal, vertical, circle.

When you take a photo on a regular camera, LucidPix will automatically offer 3D conversion. Or you can go from the application gallery and select any existing image.

After which a volume version will be automatically created.

Of course, the quality of such a conversion greatly depends on the capabilities of the camera of the smartphone itself and the source material.

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