Even though I don't understand how and why, many people use private messages to themselves as services for storing notes. And Telegram officially made it one of its chips.

But what if I say that there is a full-fledged (well, almost) notebook in which notes are created from messages? Luckynote is like Notion and Telegram together. You send a message in the application, and it creates a note in the corresponding folder.

The application is still in beta testing and many features are not yet available in it. Therefore, instead of an overview, I will briefly talk about the possibilities.

The service is available through a browser and through mobile applications for iOS and Android. After authorization, a default project awaits you. You can quickly familiarize yourself with the features of the application or create your own folders.

Luckynote supports working with folders, subfolders, shortcuts, and filters. There is also a search for the contents of the repository.


You can store any information in the service and even manage tasks. To create a new note, you need to open the appropriate folder and just start sending messages.

All changes are automatically synchronized between devices.

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