Are you going to make money on trading, but do not know how to start? Find a professional brokerage company. To conduct operations in the securities and currency market, you need to have a certain knowledge and status. By choosing a professional broker, you put yourself in the hands of a reliable intermediary who one day will lead you to a constant flow of profit. But how to choose the best broker?

How to determine the best broker?

A broker is an intermediary between you and the exchange. If you decide to become an investor and make money on the exchange processes, you need to choose a trusted broker. It will provide you with the necessary tools to work on the exchange. This includes a trading platform, that is, software and an account that you can work with. But first, you have to register and sign a contract with an intermediary (broker).

The broker's job is to process the trader's orders to buy or sell the selected currency pairs. All actions are based on the installed software. The higher the order processing speed, the higher the broker's skill level. Ideally, if all requests are processed automatically within a few seconds.

Also, the trader receives a trading leverage from the broker. The point is to provide an interest-free loan that a trader can use when performing currency transactions.

The best brokerage platforms provide novice investors with training materials and give them an opportunity to work first in a demo format. Among the top brokers of 2021 is

Features of the broker - is a brokerage company that is part of the GAIN Capital Holding. This is a reliable trading platform that has an impeccable reputation worldwide. At the moment, the broker provides services to clients from 140 countries.

The company is licensed and officially registered in the Cayman Islands. The licensing authority is the FCA. The broker's activities are controlled by CIMA (Certified Institute for Management Accountants). In 2021 offers beginners and experienced investors the best conditions for earning money on investments. Thus, after sign up to the platform, a trader gets access to innovative tools and services. pros:

  • minimum commission fees;
  • low entry deposit ($100);
  • account registration goes within 1-3 days;
  • making a deposit in any convenient way (bank cards, e-wallets);
  • ability to support a large number of currency pairs;
  • availability of the Demo version.

In order to open account it will take you a little time. Account registration is easy and completely digital. Wish to learn more? Then read review here

Real traders reviews

I have been choosing a broker for a long time to start trading. Platform offers profitable trading conditions with low spreads (from 0.0 to 0.8 points), various types of trading accounts and a number of currency pairs. I can trade on any gadget, even at mobile. To cash out, you need to be verified. But the withdrawal itself is fast. I linked a bank card to my account, so the money now comes in within 2-3 days. I like that they take verification seriously here. Even for the withdrawal of $3, you need to confirm your identity. Obviously, the broker is reliable, and so, safe.

I started to work on platform a couple of months ago. It was not easy at first. There were some losses, of course. I started trading at the $1000 level by opening a commission account with spreads of 0.2 pips. To withdraw funds by bank transfer is expensive, about 4% commission. Although, if you compare it with other platforms, then on some it is even higher. If there are problems, the customer support team responds quite quickly. On average, any issue can be solved in 2-3 hours. Once I had problems logging in to my personal account, and after contacting the operator, I managed to solve everything and restore my access.


I came to three years ago. I didn't like it at first, because the platform looked too simple and unimpressive to me. But you know, that not always the external design plays a leading role. I decided to take a chance and work on this platform. Check in handled pretty fast. For several times I have managed to earn money on currency pairs. In general, you can work here and get profits, but there are some nuances.

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