Motionbox review. Video editor right in the browser

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
Motionbox review. Video editor right in the browser

Now it is enough to have a browser and a service like Motionbox, which will help you edit video online. Let's see what he can do.

Recently, we have been hearing more and more about web 3.0, and at the same time, we should not forget that it is possible to implement cool things in the second version. For example, video editing used to require a computer and a special application. Thenβ€”a smartphone and an application.

And now it is enough to have a browser and a service like Motionbox, which will help you edit video online. Let's see what he can do.

Getting started with the service

At the first authorization in Motionbox, everything looks rather dull. There is no training, pop-ups advertising opportunities and other confetti. Only one Create video button to create the first video.

For me, this is more of a plus than a minus. It annoys me when the service tries to β€œsell” itself from the first seconds and literally fills up with various alerts.

Editor Features

If you have already used various services for online video editing or even photo editing, you will quickly get comfortable here. The editor is usually divided into several parts: the video itself, the panel for adding elements, the element editor and the timeline.

You can immediately add your video and start processing it with the rich features of Motionbox.

In this article , I have collected over 10 best online video editors.


In this section, you can find templates for YouTube or Instagram video intros, music visualizers, video memes, and much more. Unfortunately, you cannot apply multiple templates to the same project.

Images and videos

Motionbox has its collection of stock images and videos. Using the search, you can find the desired photo or clip and add it to your project.

In the layer editor, you can change the size, add movement and duration.


Here you can find various elements to add to the video: GIFs, effects, shapes and shapes, emoji.


It will help to add plain or stylized text. Unfortunately, you can't select a font for stylized text, which means you'll have to say goodbye to Cyrillic support. And in general, it cannot be edited in any way.

But a regular text layer is completely editable.


Timeline is a killer feature of Motionbox. Except for templates, any project element is added to its timeline track and is available for editing, just like in professional editors.

Unfortunately, moving around it is most inconvenient. Elements do not fit well on the screen, scrolling is inconvenient, and in general, it is not always clear what action you are trying to perform.

Project export

You can save your project as MP4 or GIF with resolution up to 4k.


Motionbox has a free plan with a limited number of minutes and 720p resolution. And the storage capacity is only 2 GB. Each subsequent tariff increases these values, and also adds the ability to collaborate on projects and activate tools for developers.

The minimum subscription cost is $29 per month.

I have tried several online video editors lately. Unfortunately, Motionbox was not the best of them (and not even the cheapest).

There are not so many opportunities for full-fledged video editing in this service. A timeline that looks like something professional is inconvenient to work with in practice.

On the other hand, it is possible to make a simple video for free and online in Motionbox. And the limitations of the free plan are not as scary as those of competitors.

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