Maybe you are a musician of a new era, and already tired to carry a ton of music sheets, which are forever lost and torn? We have the solution for you β€” MusicReader.

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MusicReader gives you the opportunity not only to read music in a convenient way, but also to edit them, to draw annotations, to mark the rows in a different color. You can, of course, zoom-in and crop. The ability to import and export to common formats: PDF, jpeg, ETC. You don't have the scores in the electronic version? Just scan.

Features of the application is not limited to any one operating system. And it is on all devices. Be it Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android or even a Chromebook (Linux + Android) β€” you can install and start using. Better, of course, if it is a tablet as in this case, it is convenient to put the device in front of him, looking and playing instrument.

No matter how you set in front of a device, MusicReader will adapt. If vertically β€” one-page. If horizontally, you have the option of a two-page display. Flipping a pleasure (and very close to the original scores). In addition, there is extensive customization of the interface and menu. Optionally, you can configure the night mode.

Separately want to note the special features. This, for example, the possibility of recording music, the ability to sync their records and build your own library. There is a search for your scores, but in the network, i.e. the library of MusicReader. The ability to put bookmarks β€” quick navigation to the desired part of the notebook.

I would also like to highlight the possibility of wireless connection to the pedal. It can be configured, for example, so that clicking will open a new page. In General, the site offers a hardware add-on. This is a pedal best suited to a tablet or music stand for the same, but with a special mounting.


Yes, all the functions of MusicReader are given not free, but the subscription is not so expensive. The prices given below.

Both the open rate is blocked in the free version some possibilities. Is access to all applications MusicReader (Windows, iOS, Android), is MusicReader Sync with the ability to store copies of all music in the cloud and is capable of recording.

Download MusicReader

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