At work, I often have to work with databases. I like lightweight, easy-to-understand interfaces and user-friendly app.

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TablePlus is the app for Windows and macOS to work with databases that has a beautiful modern interface, intuitive GUI, and support for popular relational databases.

Интерфейс TablePlus

TablePlus supports a dozen databases: PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, MariaDB (MySQL), Cockroach DB, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle, Redis, Apache Cassandra, MongoDB, and Vertica.

The main advantage of the program is a modern, easy and fast interface. It was developed to support the macOS native instruments. The connection to the database takes a few seconds.

Список баз данных в TablePlus

If necessary, the connection can be configured in options with multi-stage authorization and native encryption libssh/TLS.

Настройка подключения к БД в TablePlus

All data can be easily exported and imported as dumps.

Appearance TablePlus can be adjusted to you. Each parameter can be set individually. And dark theme available out of the box even on OS below Mojave.

The application has the support of multiple tabs or windows.

Work with databases is built on the principle of simple and intuitive interaction. All fields can be edited inline editing with advanced data filtering.

When you edit a query, there is code review and safe mode. It also has a convenient SQL editor with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, split windows, code refactoring, history, favorites, and a preview of results.

You can use the quick transition when switching between tables, schemas, databases, view, and others.

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