In the modern world the average person spends about 5 hours a day on a smartphone more than 40-50 times interacting with the phone during this time.

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A large part is spent on the pastime in the Internet on various forums, websites, social networks and messengers. It is often possible to deal with the fact that I have dozens of times to flip the screen from one app to another which takes considerable time.

For the most productive work and facilitate interaction with a mobile device sometimes require a convenient and quick connection of your computer with your phone.

App Wormhole is designed to manage phones with the Android operating system and iOS by personal computer or Mac with the all advanced features: share clipboard, file transfer, gaming keyboard.

Wormhole is required to meet the following objectives:

  • Work with the services installed on the phone;
  • Instant file transfer;
  • The ability to play games installed on the phone via computer without borders on a large screen;
  • A quick transition from working on the computer to work on a smartphone and Vice versa;
  • Remote control smartphone.

The biggest benefit is that all services, games, files are in the near access to the screen of a personal computer or laptop. No need to scroll several times the screen of the smartphone, wasting time and reducing the charge level of the phone.

The program facilitates the work with the smartphone, making it much easier. However, she is available for users of Windows 7 and other newer versions, and for Mac users.

Work with the application

When working with iOS devices required 10 version of Windows (1703 and later), and connect via Bluetooth. As a rule, to check version compatibility Wormhole and Windows on your computer, you must download the program. In case of incompatibility, an appropriate message will appear.

The program is available for iPhone, iPad, tablets and Android phones. To use the application on a mobile device with Android want to download Wormhole. The iOS version does not require any additional downloads. Version for Android free.

The big advantage of the service is that when you purchase one version, you can use it on three computers (regardless of PC or Mac). Also, Wormhole allows one PC or Mac to connect more mobile devices.

Wormhole is the first of its kind level of service and content. For correct use of the application you want to install on your device the latest available version of iOS and Android.

To connect the app to the phone operating system iOS wirelessly requires Bluetooth. Before connecting, be sure to check the operation of Bluetooth devices. Then you should initiate a connection.

If you cannot establish a connection, you need to download the LightBlue App Store, open a Wormhole and go to the page of the guide to Bluetooth, then connect via LightBlue.

Devices running iOS possess the function AssistiveTouch, which can't be disabled through Windows. In such a situation, you can set a shortcut for iOS. If you are not able to do that, you can enable the option "Allow untrusted shortcuts" in the menu "Settings".

To use the app Wormhole is very simple. It greatly saves users ' time, allowing you to conveniently use all the facilities of a smartphone. The service developers guarantee the security of personal data, confidentiality and transparent use for the users.

Download Wormhole

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