Spotify is well-known for its track selection recommendations, but even those are not enough for avid music lovers. But how do you find new tracks when you don't know what you want?

In that case, you can try the Anthem iOS app, which makes finding new artists on Spotify as easy as swiping on Tinder or liking on TikTok.

How it all works

Anthem is partly a social network and the first time you start you will have to choose a username and join at least two clubs.

Clubs are a kind of custom playlists with a common theme. New tracks are added through the publication of new posts, and anyone can contribute to the formation of the playlist.

Other than that, you need to select any of your tracks that are based on Spotify favorites.

It is based on these two data that Anthem will begin offering 30-second snippets of tracks for listening. If the tracks do not enter at all, there is a filter by genre.

The track can be liked by clicking on the Save button, and it will be saved to a special playlist in Spotify. Here's mine, for example.

You can also share the track with members of your clubs. You can also view the global top of popular tracks or your top.

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