Planning a trip to Russia? Here are the best alternatives to Uber

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
Planning a trip to Russia? Here are the best alternatives to Uber

In this post, I will compare four services to get a taxi ride: Yandex.Taxi, Cityimobil, Gett and maxim. I decided to compare this four services, because the others are somehow not at all impressive.

In 2019, you don't need to catch taxi on streets. You can get a ride with one tap and a car will be at your door in five minutes. Competition forces reducing prices and conduct constant promotions. And applications are becoming more useful.

In this post, I will compare four services to get a taxi ride: Yandex.Taxi, Cityimobil, Gett and maxim. I decided to compare this four services because the others are somehow not at all impressive. Also, I will not compare tariffs because each city has its set.

I also want to clarify that I will compare the applications themselves, and not the work of taxi drivers. Compare the taxi drivers is useless. Often I call Citymobil, and the driver arrives from Yandex on Uber car. Everybody works everywhere, so it's a pure luck.

Services are arranged in alphabetical order so that no one was hurt. Screenshots are in Russian, but all apps supports English (can not say the same about the taxi drivers)


Gett appeared before everyone else in my city, not counting Maxim. Because of what I have been using this service for a long time. Now I call Gett only as a last resort, if in other applications no one takes an order for a very long time. They lost my favor for two reasons: a very terrible application and the absence of fixed prices for trips.

I promised not to compare, but Gett taxi drivers seemed to me the most polite.

Pros. Gett has option to make corporate trips. Your company can create a corporate profile, and after logging in, you will be able to pay for a taxi from the linked corporate account. All orders will be automatically sent to the account holder.

You can order a future trip, ask to come at the right time. Payment is available in cash and cards. Also in the application there is a loyalty program. But how it works - I did not understand.

Cons. The design of the application is stuck somewhere at the Android Honeycomb level. Technically, this does not affect anything, but it is painfully annoying. The exact cost of the trip can not be known in advance, it is calculated by taxi meter. The application displays only the minimum cost that has nothing to do with the final one.

There is no option "Do not call the passenger" or choose any parameters of the trip. Your wishes can be specified in the comments to the order.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage - you can not specify a few points for the trip.

Install Gett on iOS or Android. For new users link gives a discount of 100 rubles for the first five trips.


As a taxi service, this is my least favorite application of all. On trips around the city, I never managed to go with Maxim. Drivers can take an order and change every second. In this case, you will know about it only if you open the application yourself. Also, I have never been able to ride at the price that was offered in the program. I had to pay extra to the taxi drivers to accept the order.

Pros. Maxim has two huge advantages compared to its competitors. On Yandex, Gett or Citymobile you can leave the city limits, but you can’t go back. Services simply do not work outside the city, even if you are five minutes from the "border". And maxim takes you from anywhere back to home. For this, such a case I still have this application installed.

The second pros is the ability to get cars for all occasions. The application has the usual cars and minivans, trucks for move (and you can call the porter), buses for group trips and even recovery or tow trucks. From my experience I’ll say that it’s not a problem to move staff from an apartment to an apartment with maxim. The truck arrives as fast as a regular taxi, at any time of the day or night. But the movers are ordinary people who may not be morally ready to carry loads. And for each mover you need a separate order.

For the ride there are many options. Increasing the cost will help to indicate the price of the trip manually (when absolutely no one wants to take an order). You can indicate that you have children under seven years old. There are notes that you have luggage or animals, that you need help from a driver (he can be just a courier, mover, or help to change the wheel), that you need to start the engine from the battery or tug, you need a meeting with a sign, an increased trunk.

You can order a car in advance on the exact day and time. You can order several cars and specify several points of the trip.

Cons. The design of the application is a bit outdated, which may not please everyone. And, in fact, from the point of view of the application, I have no other complaints about the service. That would not change the drivers, and everything would be excellent.

Install maxim on iOS or Android. For new users promo code 9ED59736 gives a discount of 100 rubles for the first trip.


My choice number two when ordering a taxi. For me they are in second place because drivers can change after order placed. And such a change can occur indefinitely, and as a result you can not go anywhere at all.

Pros. The application is updated frequently and new features are added. It is also possible to pay 100% of the cost of the ride from the bonus account.

The design of the application is modern and light. When ordering a ride, you can specify several stops or without stops at all (tell the route to the driver and go by taxi meter) or book a future trip. There are additional options such as transporting a pet, a child seat, a non-smoking cabin, or a dedicated lane (I don’t know what it is).

It is possible to ask the driver to come directly to you. In this case, the driver will see your exact location on the map and drive up to where you are standing.

You can call multiple cars simultaneously.

Cons. The app works slow. When you tap on Push-notification, a map often opens with a dot in the middle of the ocean, and you have to wait half a minute for the information to appear. Also, the entire trip on the phone will hang at least two notifications from the application.

Install Citymobile on iOS or Android. For new users the link gives a discount of 50 rubles for the first six trips.


My personal choice. I like Yandex because taxis often arrive in 2-5 minutes. And then there are many options in the application, which greatly simplify the trip.

Pros. As I wrote above, Yandex.Taxi has many different options in the application. They are constantly updated, and every time it is easier to get the car.

You can explicitly specify "Do not call the passenger," and after the driver is assigned, you can talk with him in the chat. For me, this is a super opportunity. All my stops points are in tricky places with uncomfortable drive access. I can see on what route the car goes, and I write to the driver, where exactly I will wait for him.

When placing order, you can choose one of the popular places to get in the car. Yandex tries to predict where you want to go, and automatically display these addresses in the first place. For the trip, you can assign multiple stops on the route.

You can pay for trips from your family account. You choose who you want to add to the "family", and specify a single payment method. After that, your wife, children, parents can just get a taxi, and payment will be from your card.

And my favorite option - get a ride for another person. When placing an order, you can specify the phone number of the person who will go, and all notifications will shows on his phone.

You can order machines simultaneously. In some cities there are corporate tariffs and the ability to call trucks for transportation (with the movers).

Cons. The main disadvantages is the design of the application. It's too minimalistic and can push away many users. I really did not like it in the first few weeks after installing the application.

You can not call a taxi in time, but you can call a taxi with a delay of 10 minutes.

Install Yandex.Taxi on iOS or Android

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