Usually, block of resources and the Internet is easy to bypass using any VPN service. Until the governement gets down to business and builds the "Golden Shield" or completely blocks access to the network. In such cases, special tools are needed to bypass censorship.

Psiphon is a VPN service for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS designed to bypass government blocks across the country.

The developer is Psiphon Inc., and the service itself uses VPN, SSH and HTTP technologies to solve the problem of accessing blocked resources. The service independently searches the servers for connection until it finds a working one. Application source codes are open.

Download Psiphon

The service is not intended for day-to-day use and should not be used in place of a regular VPN. Psiphon is needed to work with total network blocking. And this raises the question - "how to download the client if the entire network is blocked?"

The easiest option is to download the client now while everything is working. The client is available on Google Play, App Store, on the developer's website. The installation file can also be requested by mail from the developers.

Setting up and running Psiphon

The coolest thing about Psiphon is its customization. It would seem that a service of this level would require a lot of actions from the user, but no. On Windows, no installation is even required. You just need to launch the application.

In fact, there is almost nothing to configure here. On the main page of the application, you can select the country of connection, and in the settings you can dig a little into the connection parameters. Advanced users can set up split tunneling for applications, manage limits, ports, and proxies.

It's the same on Android and iOS. Minimum settings and maximum results for most users.

Advanced users in the settings can manage the connection and tunneling parameters, and on the page with statistics, track traffic usage.

For iOS, apart from VPN, you can install Psiphon browser separately. Nothing interesting here. A regular browser that is out of the box integrated with the Psiphon network.

The cost

Psiphon is available for free, but ads will appear in the app and speed will be limited. Paid subscriptions start at $ 1 and go up to $ 100.

Although you don't have to pay for the app, I recommend that you do. Developers spend their finances to support network access in extreme conditions. And paying for the service will show your gratitude.

The review turned out to be small and without much detail. This happened due to the fact that Psiphon is indeed one of the simplest and most effective blocking bypass tools.

And the service really works. This is confirmed on a daily basis by users from China, Iran and other countries with severe network restrictions.


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