It's hard to believe but it works. As a person who smoked about 20 cigarettes a day over the past 4 years, I was very skeptical at first. Application? This is a nicotine addiction, not only psychological. How will it help me? These questions only reinforced skepticism. But then I saw "more than 2 million downloads" and decided to try it. So, let's share what mechanisms make this application a working tool in the fight against smoking.

Why exactly the application, and not some kind of patch?

I love the series Black Mirror. If you watched this series, then you already understood what I mean. Improve you health in game style? Sure, yeah! I almost never part with a smartphone throughout the day. I have many different applications for self-development, meditation, concentration and so on. This is a familiar and suitable option for me. Better than a smartphone, nothing distracts me. And if the smartphone also has an anti-smoking application ... In my case, it turned out to be the best tool against smoking.

What tricks does the application use


I love beautiful Material Design infographics, which cause visual pleasure. Here you can get some: how many days you don’t smoke, how many cigarettes have failed to harm your health, how much money you have already saved, how much health you have earned, and so on.


It is a fact. When you are not alone, when you understand that there are people in same struggle as you, experience the pains of smoke quit, when you can share your successes, experiences, life hacks with them in chat, then it’s getting through the first hell weeks times easier. QuitNow! has tens of thousands of users who are ready to support and share their experience. It is important.


It is important to know that I am doing a good thing by improving my health. And the reward is important. It’s important to know that I’m so well done every minute. These reward give me an incentive to continue until I get the main award - to become a healthy former smoker.

How is everything works?

Let's take a closer look at the structure of the application itself. Already at the start QuitNow! collects all the information it needs about you. How many years have you smoked, how many cigarettes a day, how many cigarettes in your average pack, how much do you spend on average, and so on. This information is necessary for the subsequent application to correctly analyze data about your health. Everything is analyzed on the basis of official recommendations of the World Health Organization.

You can register in QuitNow! with Facebook. This is necessary so that you can communicate with the community. You will be prompted for a name. Remember that this name will be shown in the community chat. By the way, community chat cannot be screenshoted - this is prohibited programmatically.

Next, from the very first second of QuitNow! begins to track your success and displays on the main panel all the necessary information: how many days, hours, minutes and even seconds have passed, how many cigarettes have not been smoked, how much money has been saved during this time and how much you lengthened your life. Here you will see your latest achievements, chat messages and health progress.

The progress itself showed above: what happened at the beginning and what was at the end. And it's just in one day! The application does not cease to please you, support you - every now and then it sends all sorts of notifications with achievements, with a health metric, and so on. It’s like playing a game. You collect bit by bit achievements and then from time to time you go to look at them, share with your friends on social networks and be proud of yourself. A priori, I don’t want to spoil this idyll with a smoked cigarette.

All this is QuitNow! gives away for free. At the same time, he does not forget to remind you that there is a Pro version where there will be no unpleasant ads at the bottom of the screen, but there will be even more achievements, the health screen will be unlocked, more achievements, more chat features, more pleasant other bonuses. And all this costs 250 rubles (this is a couple of packs of cigarettes, if that).

No wonder QuitNow! recognized as the best app of 2019 in its segment. Nice design design, thought out on the basis of WHO concept data, great chat with people like you, support for more than 10 different languages ​​of the world, game feed and much, much more that you should already discover for yourself inside one application.

Find out what QuitNow! not only in the application, but also outside it was even more pleasant: those who reached the end and entered the “completely healthy former smokers” get the opportunity to purchase a personalized T-shirt, as a memory of a difficult journey. More QuitNow! collects periodically a feast for the whole world. Perhaps an example of an application where developers approached the matter with all their heart.

Try QuitNow!

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