Paying for online services has become a small problem for me. Each write-off for a subscription comes as a surprise to me. And I still can't find a suitable tool for monitoring and reminding about future write-offs. I recently found a new iOS app that might solve my problem.

Recur is a tracker of subscriptions to various services so as not to forget to make a payment on time.

You can add any subscription to any service to the application. For this, all the required fields are available in the subscription card. You can specify the name, add the price in the required currency, specify the write-off cycle (every day, week, month, year), specify the date of the last write-off, select a category, and much more.

Added subscriptions are displayed on the main page of Recur or they can be displayed on the desktop as a widget.

There are also many additional features. Like syncing across devices using iCloud, currency conversion and flexible subscription alerts.


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