Tricks, magic, illusion. This is really impressive, and each of you must have tried to learn the simplest trick at least once in your life.

I had a book of learning card tricks and tricks as a child. And I still remember a few simple tricks. Today, in the era of the Internet, it is not difficult to find out the secret of the most difficult trick. And you will not believe, but for some of them there are even special applications.

Hocus Pocus!

I found out about such an application accidentally, so I decided to try it and find out how difficult it is to use. We will share Replica4D, an application that helps you do magic tricks with a smartphone and objects from reality. Move them back and forth and all that. More or less like this:

Is it cool? Cool! So, I decided to try it in action, and here's what I got.

Purchasing and downloading the application

Replica4D is expectedly impossible to try without payment. I thought so because real magicians do not share secrets, and you must really want to access the application.

I paid for a subscription for a year, as this is the cheapest option. After payment, I received checks from PayPal in the mail and nothing more. Not a single message from the Replica4D site itself, and I was still looking at the rates on the site.

I decided to write to tech support, which is only available in Face-ahem Messenger. Fortunately for me, on Saturday at 14:00 Moscow time they answered me instantly.

As it turned out, the registration is completely manual. An employee gave me turnout passwords, and after that, I was able to use Replica4D.

Working with the application


I paid for a subscription with access to the version for all operating systems. What is written on the payment screen with the note “download on the same day”.

In practice, Replica4D is a site that emulates one of these operating systems. But in the case of the desktop, this emulation looks like this:

Mobile versions really pretend to be real operating systems. But it should be borne in mind that the interface of the “operating system” can be very different from what you are used to on your smartphone. For example, on my Pixel 6 some kind of la Samsung is displayed:

In fact, the interface can be changed to “native” for a smartphone. In the settings, you can add any image as a background. If you correctly arrange the icons on it, you will be able to “launch” virtual applications from your desktop.

There is no installation as such. You go to the Replica4D website and choose from 30 apps. You can install several at once and use them in your focus.

All 30 pieces are the same application. Also, when you try to install applications from the 22nd to the 30th, you will receive a message that they are still in development.

When installed, a shortcut is created to launch the browser in full-screen mode.

It's actually not as stupid as it seems at first. Each of these applications can be configured individually and skillfully combined with each other. For example, in one you work with cards, in the other you work with coins.

And now I'll show the focus

The Replica4D screen tries to emulate a normal smartphone desktop. Displayed applications can be poked, flip through the tape and much more. The main thing is not to give the smartphone into anyone's hands (a step in the wrong direction and the illusion breaks immediately).

With a long tap in the upper-left corner, you can configure the behavior of the emulation. Available for customization: the number of objects on the screen, the choice of the objects themselves, as well as various interface parameters.

Replica4D works with coins (euro, dollars) and cards by default. In a special editor, you can create your own objects based on photos.

The quality of the editor itself is so-so. He still tries to turn everything into a coin. And for the editor to work, you need to send a special code to the messenger for manual activation.

Of course, for a spectacular focus, as in the video at the beginning, you need serious preparation and skill. But in general, you can show the trick with a coin with zero preparation.


As you can see from the screenshot at the beginning, Replica4D has three payment options.

  • Mobile version only with one-time payment for $99.99;
  • Cross-platform version with a one-time payment for $149.99;
  • Subscription to all versions for $59.99 per year.

For professional tricks of the level of Las Vegas, Replica4D is absolutely not suitable. You can see the fake from afar. It may be possible to adapt it at least for some serious trick, but you will have to use Photoshop and do a lot of customizing the application. To achieve this, the site has a lot of training instructions and videos.

I also didn’t like the application distribution model, where you need to use a messenger to access everything. Well, in general, everything is done somehow through one place, and immediately causes more laughter than anticipation of future magic.

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