Review of News Explorer. RSS reader with Apple Watch support

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
Review of News Explorer. RSS reader with Apple Watch support

News Explorer is a desktop RSS, Atom, JSON and Twitter feed reader for macOS, iOS, Apple TV and Apple Watch with support for syncing, folders and more.

Many people do not understand the coolness of RSS feeds and try to follow the news using instant messengers, social networks and their algorithmic recommendation feeds. And this post is not for them, but for those who know exactly what they need from an RSS reader: availability on all devices and offline access.

News Explorer is a desktop RSS, Atom, JSON and Twitter feed reader for macOS, iOS, Apple TV and Apple Watch with support for syncing, folders and more.

In this review I will tell you about the macOS version and a little about the mobile client. Simply because the opportunities between them are 99% the same.

The News Explorer RSS reader is a unique opportunity to collect your favorite sites, blogs, feeds and even podcasts in one place. Those who use the application do not need to wander around all the resources, and even spend time closing pop-up windows, forced viewing of ads and other things that prevent them from enjoying reading interesting materials.

To do this, just add links to sites in the application, which can be sorted into folders if you want.

What is it for?

This application is ideal for those who love order in their gadgets. After all, in addition to websites and blogs, you can add Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and email newsletters to News Explorer.

Moreover, it is a great solution for subscribers of Telegram channels. Thanks to the application, you can forget about what an overloaded messenger is.

And sorting resources into folders will help you find what you need in a matter of seconds.

Features of the desktop version

The laconic but stylish and attractive interface makes a positive impression. In the upper left corner - a list of resources to which the user is subscribed, folders, then - a list of articles and, finally, a window for reading the selected article.

The number of unread items is displayed. However, this option can be disabled.

If desired, the theme, as well as the size of the material view and the font style, can be easily changed.

In general, the version of News Explorer for PC is the maximum usability of the application. The capabilities of the desktop version of this news application are quite extensive.

Always up-to-date news

To quickly update news, just use the search on the feed. After entering the search phrase, the necessary channels will open to you.

Thanks to the application, you will always be aware of the latest news and do not miss anything.

In addition, materials that have already been read fade, so there is no chance of starting to read the article a second time.

Quick access to news and content

The desktop version of this news app has iCloud sync, so you can customize the app so that the most important content is always at your fingertips.

In addition, you can add news or articles to Favorites and read later. Any change in the status of a material is synchronized.

Share news

The application allows you to send any article along with an image via social networks or email.

Thus, you can always share interesting and relevant material with your friends.

Easy to set up

You can adjust the flow of incoming news at any time. The smart filter and user-friendly interface make this task a breeze.

High download speed

New channels, sites and other resources are even manually added literally in a matter of seconds.

Among other things, there is a 14-day free trial version (trial version) for PC.

mobile version

The capabilities of the mobile version are practically the same. The only fundamental difference is that there is no trial version for mobile phones.

The design is the same, but in the mobile version, the sections with subscriptions / folders, a list of articles and a window for reading them can only be viewed separately.

Further - a matter of technology: it remains to poke your finger into the folder of interest, article, etc., and the desired section will open.


Installing an application for Apple TV, Apple Watch and iOS will cost you 379 rubles.

The cost of the application for Mac on the official website is 749 rubles, in the Mac App Store โ€”899 rubles.

Users of the news app are impressed by the ease of use and convenience that provides a set of useful options. Almost everything is provided.

And the benefits inspire sincere respect for its creators. They are quite weighty:

  • The ability to read articles and news without annoying ads and pop-up windows at the most inopportune moment.
  • A simple, convenient and familiar interface that allows even a not too advanced user to understand the application.
  • A person has the ability to read and view only what is really interesting to him. The user also sees what materials have not yet been read or, conversely, read.
  • The user of the application is always aware of the latest news in the world of politics, show business, culture, etc.
  • If a person does not have time to read the material or has no desire, he can postpone it until a more convenient moment.
  • And finally, a lot of settings. At first, they may seem like a drawback, but in the future you can come to the conclusion: they provide maximum convenience.

Disadvantages should not be ignored:

  • Lack of the Russian language. However, this does not bother many users: the application is intuitive, which means it is understandable, and the lack of language skills is not a hindrance.
  • The ability to edit or delete groups, on the contrary, is hardly intuitive.

Despite some disadvantages, it should be summed up: this is the best option for any active user.


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