When using a smartphone, day by day it will accumulate unnecessary files: temporary folders, error reporting, the debug folder, 100500 files of an unknown format, and more. All this slows down your device, and this is particularly obvious if you have a weak gadget.

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The only way out — time to clean out all the excess. But manually to handle difficult. Especially if this is often. And here's how times comes to the aid of time-tested and practice (the number of five star reviews on Google Play confirms this) SD Maid.

What can SD Maid?

SD Maid has all the necessary tools to keep clean and tidy all contents of your gadget.

  • Explorer that scans all the contents of the smartphone.
  • After the scan shows which files you can delete.
  • Advanced management not only installed applications but also applications by default.
  • Individual scanning of files and folders from a remote application (it's more than just "delete cache").
  • The system-wide searches by title, date and content.
  • Statistics and analysis of the memory device.
  • Optimizing the database.
  • Finding duplicate files.
  • The ability to run the application on a schedule (there are widgets who want to push).


  • A special version for fans to dig deeper (better as root).
  • No ads even in the free version.
  • Minimalist and intuitive interface.
  • Fast and responsive technical support.
  • Inexpensive Pro version.


  • The animation is sloppy.

When you upgrade to the Pro version of the app developers offered to install from Google Play or through apk installation file. Both of them with timely updates. Is — 155 RUB.

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