Say No to Python/Django - Use PHP/JQuery Instead

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
Say No to Python/Django - Use PHP/JQuery Instead

I can give many examples but to save time I’ll give just one example. There is a very popular Python Tutorial on Youtube by Mosh Hamedani.

Hello there, it's Jack here! I am a big advocate of “Say no to Python/Django”.

I can give many examples but to save time I’ll give just one example. There is a very popular Python Tutorial on Youtube by Mosh Hamedani. In this tutorial he explains how Python/Django is used by:

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • The Washington Post
  • BitBucket

When it comes to the content, he taught us how to build an app of an “Imaginary Grocery Store“ and that too on localhost (not on production-level).

I mean when you’re mentioning billion dollars apps (Instagram, Youtube, Spotify & so on..) then you should be teaching how to code such apps and that too on PRODUCTION-LEVEL!!

Here you can see the app you’ll learn to develop using Python/Django.

Imaginary Grocery Store By Mosh Hamedani

On the other hand, I’ve developed an app. A full featured production-level app!

Actually, I’ve developed a course that teaches how to build Full Featured Production -Level Progressive Web App Like Twitter & Instagram From Scratch using PHP/JQuery.

Here’s the app intro:

Cato Social Network

By the way this app is live! You can visit Cato Social Network where you can “Become Cato, post Meows & get not so anonymous messages”.

In this production-level Javascript (JQuery), mysql database & PHP for back-end programming course you'll learn developing the progressive web app (PWA) of a social network like Twitter & Instagram from scratch which includes vectorized logo & icons, layout design, sign up/sign in/forgot password process, uploading profile picture, updating bio, posting images, gifs & videos (FFMPEG), creating customized video player, hashtags, converting text into links, tagging users, setting up push notifications & much more. Following are some main tasks of the course:

  • Design the app layout for platforms such as iOS, Android & Desktop.
  • Uploading videos (showing progress bar) and changing the bitrate, audio quality & overall quality of the video using open-source FFMPEG library.
  • Building app's own video player just like Twitter & Instagram.
  • Uploading animated gifs (showing progress bar) and convert them into mp4 videos (Like Twitter & Instagram) using open-source library FFMPEG.
  • Uploading images (showing progress bar) & creating multiple images of different sizes using back-end programming.
  • Understanding of copywriting and creating attractive slogans & description of the app.
  • Designing vectorized logo & icons.
  • Signing up, signing in & forgot password process including success sign up email, alert email on sign in & request password email on forgot password call.
  • Creating profile URLs using Htaccess. For example "catzby dot com/username".
  • Creating neat URLs using Htaccess. For example "catzby dot com/@ForbiDDen.
  • Retrieving data from database using Regex Expressions Patterns and auto load on page scroll down.
  • Setting up Virtual Private Server (VPS), installling LAMP & FFMPEG & addressing important issues of a server.
  • Setting up DNS Records.
  • Setting up separate Mail Server.
  • Back button functionality using History API which makes app feels like Twitter & Instagram.
  • Setting up Manifest & Service Workers.
  • Making app installable on devices such as Windows, Android etc.
  • Setting up Push Notifications which include retrieving & saving users' tokens & sending push notifications on different events. For example sending a push notification to tagged users etc.
  • Adding search functionality to the app.
  • Minifying scripts to increase the performance of the app.
  • Running script in the background for notifying users about new number of notifications appearing on the notification icon.
  • Tagging users in the post.
  • Add hashtags functionality to the post.
  • Converting URL like text into clickable links.
  • Characters count functionality.
  • Sharing links with native mobile capabilities.
  • Setting up Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools to analyze the performance of the app.

This Course is a Game Changer

This course will bring an awesome change in today’s app industry. After learning this course you’ll be able to develop complex apps like AliExpress, Ebay, Twitter, Instagram etc.

The Course is FREE For You!!!

Yes!!! It’s true.. You can enroll in this course for FREE by following the following link:

That’s it folks.. I’ll see you when I see you..

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