In my work, I constantly use several services: Gmail, Evernote, Trello, Telegram and many others. Switching between windows is not always easy to do. So you can try programs that combine hundreds of applications in one.

Shift is an application that helps to combine email, calendar, cloud services and many popular applications like Slack, WhatsApp, Evernote in one window.

Initially, Shift is an email client for working with Gmail or Outlook. It is in the mail you will get immediately after authorization.

Not sure what Outlook looks like, but a regular web version opens for Gmail. Therefore, I will not talk about the capabilities of a mail client.

It is worth noting that Google has made full integration. Through the top menu of the program you can quickly go to any other services of the corporation of good: Calendar, Disk, Photos, AdSence and others.

And basically, it’s just as a Shift email client that the program is so-so. Open a tab in a browser with Gmail or keep a separate window? What's the difference. So and so the possibilities are the same, and offline work with mail is purely conditional.

But the main feature of Shift is integration with hundreds of other services. And when I say hundreds, I am not exaggerating.

Shift Integrations

Shift is a kind of tabbed browser through which you connect to the services you need. But unlike Chrome, when using Shift you do not load the computer’s memory, do not clutter up the browser, and in general, such a switch is more convenient.

All services are collected in the Apps section by category. I must say right away that it’s easier to use the search and find the right integration. By clicking, select the desired service, specify the name and color of the label, and log in to it.

After that, the service shortcut will be added to the Shift panel. Repeat this until you create your ideal workspace.

Shift definitely has some flaws. The most important of them is the inability to work offline. There is also the question of the doubtfulness of such an alternative to just open browser tabs.

On the other hand, as I wrote above, Shift consumes less memory and allows you to more conveniently and clearly distribute applications. This speeds up and simplifies the work with modern services. I would recommend trying the program. It’s free.

Download Shift

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