SwitchBuddy review. Useful app for Switch owners

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
SwitchBuddy review. Useful app for Switch owners

SwitchBuddy is a mobile app that helps you track game releases and stream media from your console to your smartphone.

If you're a happy Switch owner, you'd probably like to keep track of new releases of your favorite games and read the news in a handy app instead of visiting multiple different resources. In this article, I will introduce such an application.

Your new companion

SwitchBuddy (specifically Version 3) is a mobile app that helps you track game releases and stream media from your console to your smartphone.

The application consists of three tabs, with the first one being Games. Here, you can view lists of upcoming releases and already released games in various categories such as sofa co-op, racing, Metacritic top, and more.

Additionally, you can use the search function to find specific titles. When you access a game's profile, you can see brief information about it, view screenshots and videos, and navigate to related resources like Wiki, Twitch, or a fandom site.

You have the option to add games to your favorites or share their profiles. All information is based on data from IDDB.com.

The next tab that might interest you is News. It contains two sections: articles and videos. In each section, you can find the latest news about Nintendo and the Switch.

The last tab is Gallery, which allows you to transfer screenshots and videos from your Switch to your smartphone. To do this, simply scan the QR code on your console, and the magic will happen automatically.

What else is included

The app offers a set of useful widgets for your home screen, including a countdown to the release of your favorite game, a list of expected games, and a calendar displaying releases for the current month.


The application can be used for free with minimal restrictions. In the free version, you can only add up to five games to your favorites.

The paid version costs $18 per year, or you can make a one-time payment of $28. The paid version removes all restrictions and also provides new themes and alternative icons.

I discovered the pricing information from the developer's website. However, within the application itself (on Android), I could not find any information or option for payment.

SwitchBuddy lacks some essential features that, in my opinion, should be present in this kind of application:

  • Discount alerts
  • Game completion tracking and backlog management
  • Data synchronization between devices

The only standout feature seems to be the ability to easily transfer data from your Switch to your smartphone. If the features mentioned in the review are sufficient for your needs, then SwitchBuddy can be a useful addition to your collection of apps.

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