In the twenty-first century, most business people have gone online. Earning through the Internet platform has become not only prestigious, but also extremely profitable. Cryptocurrency is successfully replacing the traditional one on the market, and, in the near future, it will completely replace the usual dollars and euros.

Earn more

One of the most profitable crypto resources is the platform. This site is based on crypterium solutions CeFi and the Charism protocol Defi. This resource entirely changes the principle of working with CeFi. You will receive a high income from the site, while the commission will be reduced by about 50 times.

Crypterium System

The key link in the Crypterium system is CRPT. It provides fast and secure transfer of funds, covers fees for all transactions. Now, moves to For more convenient use, plastic and virtual cards are available with crypterium. You can get a virtual card in just 20 minutes. By connecting it to the Apple Pay platform, you can make payments and purchases anytime, anywhere.

It's profitable with us

Playground is rightfully considered one of the most highly profitable and profitable systems. By opening a savings account, you will receive up to 15.6% every year on all digital assets. The platform supports tokens such as USDT, DAI, CRPT, BTC, ETH, TON. Your income will grow much faster than on regular accounts. Get the most out of your cryptocurrency with returns up to 93% with professionally designed AI -powered price predictions.

Maximum security

With is a huge step forward in the evolution of crypterium. It combines significant experience in the field of cryptocurrency and a professional vision of the market, which allows us to call one of the most powerful CeFi/Defi systems. We have been working in the cryptocurrency market for four years now. Our platform is a licensed, fully regulated financial institution in the European Union. For your safety, a three-level protection system has been developed, the protection protocol is insured by BitGo.

charism wallet

The unique charism wallet will allow users to:

  • Hold more than one crypto asset (Ethereum, Solana, Tron, BSC and so on)
  • Thanks to its ease of use, it will allow even beginners to get full support from
  • Contains a built-in Web 3 browser, thanks to which users will be able to easily and securely explore DApps
  • Third-party exclusion between users and the cryptosystem. You will have full control over your assets.
  • It will help you earn interest on cryptocurrency, play with the blockchain and get access to the latest DApps, DeFi platforms and NFTs.

Benefits of

The platform has a number of undeniable x benefits for users. For CeFi users, in addition to fast access and high profits:

  • Seamless access to DeFi assets
  • Huge savings on transaction costs
  • One-click access to highly profitable DeFi tools
  • Seamless transition between CeFi and DeFi wallets.

Defi users will benefit from low transmission costs as well as:

  • Single point of entry
  • Ability to recover assets
  • Deep integration with CeFi services.

The command unites more than 50 developers, more than 10 user countries, and more than 650,000 registered users. Join and you!

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