I searched for safe storage of sensitive information on iOS devices. Google offered many options but I stopped on The Vault.

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The Vault is an application for secure storage of information and files with the ability to sync between devices.


The app does not support standard synchronization between Apple devices. So you'll need installed Dropbox, in a folder which will contain the application storage.

For synchronization between the Mac devices this is sufficient. To sync with iOS on the smartphone will need to turn on "Secure Vault Sync".

Then you set the password to access the application and it immediately starts in the system tray in the locked position.

Instead of a password on all devices you can use authorization using biometrics.

Another cool feature of the application β€” protection against forced opening data. This is when the man wants the power to force you to log in to the application using biometrics. Shake your device or while logging in, click "Cancel". Now log in to the app is possible only with a password.

And when you press the power button the app locks up instantly.

All data in the application is protected by encryption key 256-bit AES and not leave the device in the clear.

The source code of the encryption of The Vault is in the public domain, and you can be sure of its reliability at this link.

Working with data

At first glance, The Vault is a simple application for storing notes with very reduced capabilities.

I recommend before starting, carefully read all instructional notes. Only then will you understand how to work with the app, and know that it can do much more.

Notes can be stored in folders and the wizard offers several templates to choose from.

Templates mainly for quick notes with login/password from the website or store Bank cards. Otherwise, it is always better to create a blank note.

Of the notes mailbox you can hide in the system and to guess about their existence would be impossible. Autohide occurs immediately when locking or exiting The Vault.

What you can store

The Vault is primarily for the safe storage of textual information. But in a blank note you can transfer any file, and it will be added.

Native The Vault supports the storage of images with the ability to import them from other applications. For convenient viewing of the images have their own gallery.

For text documents is supported by a built-in scanner. You can photograph a business card and recognize her right in the app. File formats Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Pages, KeyNote, Numbers can be viewed in The Vault without having to install additional utilities.

Also in the body of the note is the so-called HotContent. With this setting, you can automatically hide sensitive data in the text. For example, passwords, credit card information, and the like.

Tap or click on this content it will be copied to the secure clipboard and available for pasting. For even greater security, you can use the embedded browser.

On the iOS AutoFill feature that allows you to use The Vault as a full-fledged password Manager. For correct operation it is recommended to use the appropriate template notes.

To create such content, you do not need to do anything. Just write "Password: your password" and the application will automatically hide the desired data.

Notes are linkable to each other for easy navigation.

Mobile version of The Vault in features no different from the desktop.

The contents of the notes can be searched from specific fields. So there is no need to observe a clear structure of data storage.

For the data in the application supports automatic backup. Deleted data can be recovered partially or completely at any time.

If you decide to share data, then it can be done safely. When sending data, a link is created with one-time password access to information. For reference, you can set the time after which it will automatically stop working.

In the application it is a password generator with adjustable parameters of the future password.

Notes in The Vault, you can import and export. In both cases, data is contained in .csv file except attachments. When you export they will be in the form of regular files.


In The Vault you can fine-tune virtually every setting of the app. Settings also include the settings of layout of notes, folder options, statistics of the stored data and appearance settings application.


Mobile version of The Vault is available for free. For each function you will have to pay separately as you use them. Cost: from $1 to $9.

The desktop version will cost $25 and will be available to you all the possibilities.

The Vault app is not cheap, but available counterparts it seemed to me most suitable for safe data storage. The analogues look like DIY, and it is not clear how secure the information.

The developers are really bothered about data integrity. The encryption system is open for review and storage system in the form of notes allows you to store any data.

Except for the price, the only negative β€” all the same system of notes. For convenient work with them will have to find training in the application and get used to working with text.

Download The Vault

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