Timer apps help you remember important events, don't miss deadlines, or can simply be used for general motivation. And this post is about such an application.

What are we talking about?

Time Until by developer Bruno Schalch. This is an Android application with the ability to create multiple timers and widgets on the home screen of the device.

How it all works

The application has two and a half buttons, and you can understand all its features in just a minute.

On the main Time Until screen, all the customization of upcoming or even past events takes place (if you want to know how much time has passed). At the first step, you can choose a background static or live image from the built-in gallery. If the images are not entered, you can select from the smartphone's memory.

Depending on the selected background type, the wizard for editing the visual component of the timer changes. You can change the size, color, and font. Also, some photo editing.

On the left is a live background, and on the right is a regular photo.

Then you can specify the name of the event and the exact time before it occurs. Additionally, you can set the repeatability and reminder 15 minutes before date X.

When everything is ready, all created timers can be tracked inside the application in two modes:

  • Each event on a separate screen;
  • Small cards of all events on one screen.

Also, when swiping on the left, you can see a timeline with all past and upcoming events. Or you can bring important events to your desktop in the form of a custom widget.


Time Until is free to use, but with ad restrictions and the inability to use multiple live wallpapers for events.

The paid version removes all restrictions, disables ads, adds the ability to create backups, set alerts and gives more customization.

Such applications can be useful in various situations. And one of the key benefits is their ability to help you manage your time more effectively.

Time Until definitely allows you to solve problems of this kind. It may not be the best app in the timer category, but it's definitely worth checking out.

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