One of the pillars of a lovely house is the correct flooring. It should be attractive, comfortable to walk on, and practical for everyday usage. Appearance, feel, colour, space, and care are all factors that might impact your decision. We provide a wide selection of vinyl floors to suit all preferences and decor, all of which have the durability and benefits of current flooring technology.

The appropriate floor for the appropriate room

The floor, the walls, and the ceiling are all made of the same material. Three factors that influence how a room feels. With varying colours, patterns, and light, the interaction between these components may alter how we view a room. The floor serves as the foundation, adding weight and character. However, your floor should interact with your furniture and other characteristics, so think about the whole space when making your decision. Vinyl flooring are available in a variety of styles, allowing you to discover one that complements all features of your space.

Start from the beginning with a solid foundation.

A vinyl floor is more than just a surface to walk on. Consider it the foundation of your home, which must be compatible with whatever further elements you add. Because the look of your floor is more permanent than the colour of your walls or ceiling, you should pick a vinyl floor that serves as a foundation for all of your furniture. The Luxury vinyl Tiles collection in the market includes vinyl flooring in a range of imitation wood and stone types, including bright, dark, vibrant, relaxing, and everything in between. You're likely to find something that fits your house perfectly.

Which vinyl floor color should I choose?

A vinyl floor's colour may have a big influence on how a space feels. A black floor, for example, absorbs a lot of light and makes the space seem warm. A brilliant vinyl floor reflects light, making the space appear larger.

What direction should my vinyl floor be layed?

Consider lighting - the angle of the sun, the size of the window, and the amount of inside illumination are all aspects that influence how a floor seems. One suggestion is to lay the floor longitudinally against the light coming in through a large window, for example. You can also opt to lay your vinyl floor in a unique pattern to draw attention to other features in the space.

Which vinyl floor would be best for my room?

Different rooms are utilised in various ways. Consider how much time you spend walking around your kitchen or how your kids play in their bedroom. All of our vinyl floors contain a durable vinyl core for stability and sound dampening, as well as a ceramic top that is exceptionally wear-resistant and easy to maintain. This makes them an excellent choice for every area, with the exception of bath and shower rooms, which require further moisture-proofing.


The width and length of a vinyl floor's design have an impact on how large a space seems. Both traditional straight patterns and innovative designs with stone and wood elements are available in our Luxury Tiles collection.

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