If you often need access to turnips in GitHub, you probably thought about finding a convenient client for your mobile phone. In this post, I have collected several options, and at least one will definitely solve your problem.

OctoDroid for GitHub

A free and open-source client that lets you get all the GitHub features you require on the go. You can follow repositories and users, monitor project activity, manage your issue. And if you are familiar with the name Gh4a Android Github, then this is its updated version.


ForkHub for GitHub

This client was born as a fork of the official GitHub application, but with a bunch of small improvements. Therefore, if you liked the native application, then I recommend trying ForkHub for GitHub.


OpenHub for GitHub

A lighter and faster alternative. Among the chips there are: support for different themes, displaying popular repositories broken down by time, advanced syntax highlighting and others.


Devhub for github

The application is positioned as TweetDeck, but only for GitHub. In addition to the mobile version, there is also a desktop version. You can easily monitor changes in repositories, there is a convenient filtering.


Pocket Git

The first and only paid app in this collection. The set includes a simple interface, the ability to clone repositories, support for HTTP, SSH and private keys with passphrases.



This client is an evolution of another SGit client. In addition to the expected features, it is possible to merge, commit, and in general, edit the code in third-party editors.


Fasthub Libre

Fork of FastHub, which is written from scratch. Of the interesting things here is: support for multiple accounts, including commercial, offline mode, support for wikis, projects, the ability to merge, commit and edit the code.


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