Monthly collection of useful extensions for Chrome and Firefox from my telegram channel for January 2020. Here you will find a brief description of useful services for your favorite browser.

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In today's selection:

  • Save Image As Type (to download the image in the desired format)
  • Twitter Counter (to quickly see the statistics of the tweet)
  • AdGuard (ad blocker)
  • Tribe (to know whether the product is tested on animals)
  • Extensis Fonts (add fonts in Google Docs)
  • isOpened (notifies you when email is opened)
  • Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by cloudHQ (to open Gmail when clicking on email address)
  • EXTRACT URLs (converts links in Google Sheets in the HYPERLINK formula)
  • Auto Shutdown (turn off computer when the download is complete)

Save Image As Type

Save Image As Type will help save picture as jpg, png or webp. Very convenient when you need to download it in normal format.

Download for Chrome | Analogue WebP image converter for Firefox

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter helps you to quickly view statistics of your tweets.



AdGuard is a cross-platform program for blocking ads and tracking scripts fraudulent sites.



Tribe is an extension for Google Chrome that adds to the product on Amazon mark about whether the product is tested on animals.


Extensis Fonts

Extensis allows you to add Fonts to Google Docs any font from Google Fonts.



isOpened - free extension to track reading of emails and clicking on links in Gmail.


Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by cloudHQ

Mailto: Set Default Email to Gmail by cloudHQ will open new email form in Gmail when you click on a mailto: link.



EXTRACT URLs extracts links from Google table and converts them to a HYPERLINK formula.


Auto Shutdown

Выключить компьютер по окончании загрузки

Auto Shutdown helps you to automatically turn off/suspen the PC or run any command at the end of all the downloads in the browser.

Download for Chrome | Download for Firefox

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