Monthly collection of apps for iOS from my telegram channel for December 2019. Here you will find a brief description of useful applications for your favorite Apple smartphone.

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In today's selection:

  • Metapho (managing meta-information of photo)
  • Secure VPN (VPN)
  • NordPass (password manager)
  • TunesGo (transfer files between Android and iOS)
  • iVerify (search of potential threats)
  • Windscribe (VPN)
  • Pocket Tube (manage subscriptions on YouTube)


Просмотр метаданных фотографии на iOS

Metapho is a simple photo viewer for detailed meta-information. For example, shooting date, file name, size, camera model, exposure, location, use, deepfusion, and more.



Secure VPN — a cross-platform VPN service with white IP addresses.



NordPass - password manager from the popular VPN service. There are all of the standard features of such services: autofill, sync, store notes and credit cards, share password.

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TunesGo - easy to move contacts, photos, music, SMS and other things between Android and iOS devices.



iVerify validates your smartphone to potential threats and suggests steps to correct them.

It includec privacy settings and security updates for the OS and programs, two-factor protection of accounts and many more.



Windscribe is a pretty popular VPN service. The developers give the opportunity to use the service absolutely free (with limited traffic), and frequent promotions and referral links allow you to increase the amount of traffic almost indefinitely.


Pocket Tube

With Pocket Tube you can manage subscriptions on YouTube.

The application is able to:

  • Group channels in the collection
  • Create/modify/delete lists of collections
  • Synchronize the collection

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