The monthly selection of web services from my telegram channel for December 2019. Here you will find a brief description of useful services to solve various problems.

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In today's selection:

  • Tiktok Video Downloader (download video from TikTok)
  • Twimmage (post Instagram from Twitter)
  • Fonts for Instagram (to change the font in Instagram profile)
  • (to read Twitter via RSS)
  • Pleexy (ToDo services sync)

Tiktok Video Downloader

Tiktok Video Downloader downloads videos from TikTok. To do this, simply copy the video link and paste it on the website.

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Twimmage will quickly turn a tweet into a post in Instagram

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Fonts for Instagram

Want to add fancy font in the Instagram profile? Then, Fonts for Instagram servise is for you. Paste a normal text, and it will offer some beautiful options.

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With the service you can read the Twitter feed via RSS.

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Pleexy helps to automatically collect the tasks from different services like notes, mind-maps, task managers and add them to ToDoist.

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