EXANTE brokerage company is one of the leading global stock market players. The company provides professional investors with direct access to financial markets of the European Union, the Asia-Pacific region, and the USA.

The broker has established a reputation as a successful and reliable partner. It’s key advantages:

  • direct access to over 50 of the world’s largest exchanges;
  • convenient trading platform with a multilingual interface supporting all trading areas;
  • wide range of trading tools – over 30 thousand;
  • single account for operating with exchange-traded and OTC trading tools;
  • high-quality service;
  • secure savings tools and mobile apps;
  • broker’s guarantees.

History of the company

In less than 10 years, the company evolved from a beginner to one of the global stock market flagships. Anatoly Knyazev and Alexey Kiriyenko registered the first brokerage company of the EXANTE group – XNT Ltd – in 2011 in Malta.

A year later, the Cyprus investment company EXT Ltd began operating within the group. In 2019, a Hong Kong branch XHK Ltd. was established. Nowadays, the group has offices all over the globe.

The key to dynamic development is a unique versatile trading platform that supports high operation speed and the greatest possible number of trading tools. Besides, investors are attracted by reliability of the broker, since it operates under the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and is controlled by ESMA and CySEC.

EXANTE’s success and innovations have been highly appreciated by the professional community. The company has gained many prestigious awards in trading, global investment, innovation, digital investment, etc.

Briefly about the founders

Anatoly Knyazev. A pioneer of promoting cryptocurrencies, a blockchain technology expert, and a talented programmer. Founded the Exantech venture fund and the homonymous technical laboratory.

After graduating from the Moscow State University, became engrossed in software development. Worked at Netcracker Technology Corp. Was recognized as one of the leading algorithmic trading experts. Knyazev attracted global partners’ attention with his professionalism. At a private event, he met Alexey Kiriyenko. The meeting turned out watershed. The talented and successful traders decided to unite their efforts, knowledge, and funds, thus laying the basis for EXANTE.

Alesey Kiriyenko. During his years at RSU, he got interested in trading and statistical arbitrage. He implemented a few successful projects. After graduation, he headed the new business model development, which later became world famous.

As a professional trader, he focused on inter-exchange statistical arbitrage of futures contracts. Today, he’s a leading specialist in finance, global financial markets, and derivative trading. He keeps improving his business model, shares his experience at international conferences, and invests in promising startups.

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