Instagram has grown from a social network just for photos. You can now publish video in your feed, stories, IGTV. But what is the limit on duration in each of the sections? Let's find out.

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The duration of the video in the feed

When you publish the video in the main feed you can upload or record a video up to 60 seconds.

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During upload, you can choose longer videos, but before publishing you must choose a section with a length of one minute.

The duration of the video in Stories

Video in Instagram Stories is limited to 15 seconds. But when uploading longer videos, they will be cut into pieces of 15 seconds and are displayed in chronological order.

The duration of the video in live broadcast

Users of Instagram can create a live broadcast with a duration up to one hour. All streams are saved as videos and available for viewing by subscribers in the future. This option can be disabled.

For longer streams you will have to start a new broadcast every 60 minutes.

The duration of the video in IGTV

At the moment, the duration of the video in IGTV varies from 15 seconds to 10 minutes for most users. Verified accounts can post videos up to one minute.

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