In average, for ordinary internet traffic consumption at home, work, while watching online videos, the Internet speed must be at least 5-10 Mbps. But this is so if you have one smartphone or laptop. Usually, the speed depends on the number of gadgets connected to the home network. For example, social networks take up to 1 Mbps, videochats like a Zoom or Skype up to 3 Mbps, 4K video up to 30–40 Mbps, and online games with streaming up to 50 Mbps. They are summed up and the optimal speed is obtained.

How to check internet connection speed?

If you are dissatisfied with the quality of your home or mobile Internet, we recommend you to launch a speed test before complaining. How to do it? You could use different services, such as Speed Limited internet speed test. Click on the "Check" button, wait a little bit, and you will know the result of your download speed.

What should I do with test results by Speed Limited?

Speed.Limited service shows if the Internet speed declared by the provider corresponds to the actual one. Compare the test results with your tariff, and make sure that everything corresponds to your internet plan.

What is the best way to check internet speed?

Firstly, it is better to make several Internet speed tests to see the result in dynamics. For convenience, bookmark the site so that you can run tests as you needed. There are no restrictions on the number of checks, everything is free and available to absolutely all users in the world.

Secondly, during the test only one device should be connected to the network. Otherwise the test result will not be entirely accurate.

The third important point is what device you are using to check the Internet speed. On the one hand, this is not so important, on the other hand, if possible, check it from a computer connected to the modem directly via cable (due to a wireless connection, the Internet will a priori be a little slower). If you still test the Internet from a smartphone or tablet, then make sure to disable third-party applications that consume a lot of traffic.

What if the Internet speed is still low?

You can change your internet service provider, but don't hurry up. First of all, pay attention to your equipment. Older models of routers can simply have low bandwidth. As a result, it cannot cope with the traffic that is provided according to your tariff.

What do internet test results mean?

When the internet speed test is done, you will get three results. The first two are download and upload speeds. These are standard parameters for a comprehensive assessment of Wi-Fi speed. Download speed is considered to be more important. This is what you need to compare with speed declared by ISP.

What is a ping?

We can say that this is an indicator of your connection quality. It is measured in milliseconds and should ideally be less than 70ms. A ping result over 200 is considered unsatisfactory. In this case, the connection may often be interrupted because the connection is not stable. Again, there is a reason to think about buying a new router or switching to optic fiber, although it is possible that the provider may also be at fault.

Anyway, the internet speed test allows you to diagnose possible problems with your internet connection or make sure there is none of them. In both cases, you will be able to do it yourself without the help of specialists and without any fee.

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