Since ChatGPT and other neural networks became available to the public, I have been searching for a convenient way to integrate them into my daily tasks. However, many applications that initially seem useful turn out to be useless. In an attempt to simplify my writing process, I came across a utility called Writers Brew.

What are we talking about?

Writers Brew is a writer assistant app that aims to solve this problem by combining multiple AI tools into a single convenient context menu. It allows you to focus on your text and call for help from the neural network when needed.

The app also integrates with Raycast, an advanced launcher for macOS that simplifies and automates routine tasks, including AI support.

Cool features in one app

The app offers various features, similar to those provided by ChatGPT. To get started, you need to obtain an API key from ChatGPT and add it to Writers Brew. Once installed, the app doesn't have a welcome window. Instead, it appears as a tray icon with a drop-down menu.

From the menu, you can quickly perform several functions related to text, such as checking grammar, changing the tone of the text, continuing writing, replying to text, explaining text, summarizing text, helping with blog writing, reading a book, translating text, working with code, and more.

For example, this is how the translation of a text from Russian into English looks like:


To use these functions, you select the text in the application you're working on (e.g., Google Chrome) and choose one of the options from the context menu. The result of the operation appears in a new window, where you can copy it, replace the current text with it, or send it to another application.

Additional actions, such as improving the text or changing the tone, can be selected if needed. The app provides submenus for each action, allowing you to specify tasks more precisely.

I don't like it, I want it my way

In terms of customization, you can edit the preset settings to suit your needs. For example, you can change the language for grammar checks or adjust the tonality. The app offers flexibility in tailoring the AI's behavior to your preferences.


Writers Brew offers different subscription plans, each with a different set of features. The Pro plan costs $29 and provides access to GPT-3, ChatGPT/GPT-Turbo 3.5, and GPT-4 (with restrictions). The license is lifetime, but updates are available for one year. Additional licenses can be purchased for $10 each. The Pro+ plan adds 50+ community presets and a free iOS app.

While I personally cannot use Writers Brew because I primarily use Windows, it can be the perfect solution for those who work extensively with text on macOS. It allows you to seamlessly access ChatGPT from any application and achieve satisfactory results.  The initial set of presets covers most of my daily tasks, plus you can add your own or use community presets.

Therefore, if you work a lot with text on macOS, then I recommend trying this utility.

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