A yellow diamond is a unique gift of nature. Its noble brilliance combined with an unusual range of luxurious bright shades of gold attracts attention at first sight. These exquisite gemstones are the living embodiment of soft warmth and sunlight. No wonder they are called fancy and serve as a source of inspiration for leading designer brands and famous jewelers.

We bring you the best jewelry that can emphasize your status and individuality. Our catalog features genuine fancy flawless-cut diamonds in a wide variety of canary shades. Our range of high-quality gemstones can satisfy the most demanding tastes. The GIA certificate guarantees the authenticity of the jewelry.

Our catalog contains natural yellow diamonds in the most popular, as well as rare cuts that best reveal the optical properties of a diamond. Along with the subtlety and precision of work, the individual approach of our jewelry experts to each product makes it possible to create perfect shapes that emphasize the magnificent colors (greenish yellow diamond or brownish yellow diamond), vitality, and luxurious glow of each diamond.

Our range includes the following cuts of fancy yellow diamonds:

  • A radiant cut. These are rectangular or square shapes with truncated corners that fully reveal the hue of a diamond. The strict geometry of the product indicates the bright individuality of its owner. The radiant cut is loved by men and women with a strong character.
  • An oval cut. It is the one that best conveys the visual effect created by the play of light. The perfectly symmetrical shape makes the diamond look quite natural. The cut is chosen by harmonious people who feel complete.
  • A round cut. It is one of the most popular options, which is mainly chosen by those who love classics.
  • A marquise cut. A marquise-cut diamond is a perfectly symmetrical gemstone. Only experienced jewelers can cut a marquise diamond. The fact is that apart from its strict geometry, it has one more secret – the sides of the stone are mirrored both in shape and color. It is known that the owner of one of the first marquise-cut diamonds was Marquise de Pompadour. The jewelry was commissioned by the French king Louis XIV. Since then, the marquise diamond has remained one of the best gifts that symbolize love.
  • A pear cut. Its main feature is that the stone sparkles when moving in a range of light. It is a great choice for earrings, pendants, and necklaces. It looks incredibly romantic.
  • A cushion cut. The rounded corners and convex sides of a cushion-cut diamond provide an intense play of light, which favorably emphasizes a rich fancy shade. Diamonds of this type are popular with those who love elegant antiquity and vintage traditions.
  • A heart cut. In the tradition of English royalty, giving jewelry with heart-shaped gems symbolized the goodwill of countries to each other. Today it is one of the most popular ways to express your love.

A yellow diamond is a perfect gift for a memorable date or love confession, as well as a reliable investment. You can buy any stone you like by clicking on the link in the catalog.

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