11 apps for creating NFC tags

Konstantin Dokuchaev
Konstantin Dokuchaev
11 apps for creating NFC tags

This article is about applications with which you can program an NFC tag. Basically, they all do the same thing, and there isn't much of a difference between them.

For myself, I never came up with a real application for NFC tags. Despite this, I am well aware of the potential benefits of this technology, and I am always interested in reading about its use.

This article will focus on something else. Namely, about applications with which you can program an NFC tag. Basically, they all do the same thing, and there isn't much of a difference between them. And on iOS, this is how everything works out of the box.

NFC Tools (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS)

NFC Tools is one of the first apps that comes to mind. It can be used to read, write and program NFC and RFID compliant tags.

Everything works quite simply. Launch the application, apply a label, set the desired actions. In addition to simply recording information, NFC Tools allows you to program the automation of routine actions: turn on Bluetooth, set an alarm, change the volume, transfer Wi-Fi configuration, and much more.

On the "Reading" tab, you can find out such information about the tag as:

  • Manufacturer;
  • A type;
  • Standard;
  • Technology;
  • Serial number;
  • The size;
  • Data on it;
  • The ability to write to it;
  • Read-only mode;
  • All data (NDEF format).

And on the "Record" tab, all of the above items can be added to the label.


NFC TagWriter (Android)

NFC TagWriter helps you tag contacts, bookmarks, geolocation, Bluetooth Handover data , email, text messages and more.

In addition to writing, it supports reading and viewing data, launching a companion application.

The developers also have NFC TagInfo, which is used to read all the data stored on tags, including transport tickets and the like.


TagXplorer (Windows)

TagXplorer is made by the same guys who made the applications above. And, in fact, it is their analogue, but for the Windows platform. Therefore, I will not talk separately about the software.


Smart NFC (iOS)

Like its counterparts, Smart NFC can read and write NFC tags. You can add any of the tags supported by the technology to the tag.

If you are an iOS user, then this is the app to start with.


NFC Assistant (Android)

The NFC Assistant is needed to perform various actions when the tag is recognized. The application can:

  • Display a message;
  • Read the given text;
  • Set an alarm;
  • Change the "Do not disturb" mode;
  • Bluetooth driving;
  • Receive data about calendar events;
  • Receive weather data;
  • Launch an application or website;
  • Manage smart devices.


Mifare Windows Tool (Windows)

Ignore the screenshot, the app is in English.

Mifare Windows Tool is a simple utility, but it will be of interest to experienced fans of NFC technology. With its help you can read, write, analyze and even clone tags.

If you know at least the basic specification of MIFARE Classic, and know how to apply this knowledge, take a look at Mifare Windows Tool.


MIFARE DESFire EV1 NFC Tool (Android)

If you have a MIFARE DESFire EV1 card at hand, then you need this application to get information from it. Supported encryption types are AES, (3) DES and 3K3DES.


Tx Systems Contactless ID Reader (Windows)

I want to say right away that the utility is paid ($ 49.95), and, apparently, it is no longer supported by the developer. Although you can buy it without any problems.

Tx Systems Contactless ID Reader is a Windows application for reading information from most RFID-compliant cards. Thanks to the keyboard emulation technology, the obtained information can be displayed on the Windows mouse cursor.

To be honest, I didn't understand why this is needed. This seems to make it easier to work with RFID cards and security systems without the need to purchase equipment.


Read-a-Card (Windows)

Another paid and specific application. It is necessary to receive information from an RFID tag and transfer it to specialized software for further work.

Reading directly from the card or using appropriate devices is supported.


IDTransfer (Windows, Linux)

IDTransfer from is the same as the two applications above. It can be used to authorize a user using an RFID card in the system. However, you will need a separate USB card reader here.


Mifare Classic Tool (Windows)

Mifare Classic Tool is a very simple utility for Windows. It will help to read information from UID or Mifare cards, write information on them or replace keys.


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