For me, the main disadvantage of ChatGPT is the inability to call a dialog from the application in which I work. Unfortunately, there are few normal solutions to this problem. And in this post I will talk about this option.

AI Anywhere is a chat launcher with ChatGPT for Windows and macOS. To achieve this, just press the hot key, and you will see a pop-up window of the application.

Already, directly from it, you can communicate with the neuron and perform all the usual actions that are available for ChatGPT. About 50 quick commands are offered out of the box, but in the settings you can remove unnecessary ones or add your own.

And this is not the most interesting feature of AI Anywhere. The coolest thing is the ability to select text in any application and, by pressing a hot key, open a dialog that will take this text into account. That allows you to turn to the neural network for its processing.

The second option is to select one of the quick actions from the pop-up menu and also apply them to the current text.


The app is free to use if you get 300 requests per month. For $7.5 you can increase the limit to 2500 requests, and for $16 to 6000.

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