Brave is a little-known browser, but nevertheless it begins to gain a base of loyal fans. Thanks to the high protection of the privacy of its users and compatibility with modern web standards.

History of creation

Introduced the world of the new Brave browser Brendan Eich. The creator of JavaScript, one of the founders of Mozilla, and the man who played a key role in the development of Firefox for many years. In 2014, he left the company due to a conflict not related to IT. For Eich, “The Brave” is a browser that puts privacy in the first place, while maintaining speed, smooth navigation and some interesting ideas. He also has an open source code based on Chromium.

Brendan Eich or Ike Brendan Eich
Brendan Eich

A distinctive feature of the browser that catches your eye even with minimal experience is a high level of visualization of the effects of the application of security mechanisms. Brave's start page displays clear statistics in the form of special counters, blocked trackers, ad modules, redirects from http to https, as well as time saved as a result (the creators of Brave promise to load web pages 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari )

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In general, we see a slightly slower start than competitors, but cruising speed is much higher than average. Because the browser blocks many elements.

Brave Counters

Similar statistics can be viewed separately for each web page by clicking on the button with the image of a lion in the upper right corner. In the same window, in relation to the current website, you can quickly manage various protection mechanisms built into the browser (the so-called “shields”): parameters for blocking ads and cookies, protecting browser fingerprints and more.

Regarding the collection of personal data, Brave implements Anonize technology, which allows transactions based on the principle of "anonymous accounting". To organize this technology, cryptographic methods of evidence with zero disclosure are used.

Brave Rewards Ad Blocker

The browser has a built-in ad blocker Brave Rewards. But there is a difference from analogues - instead of blocking ads completely, harmless ads will be shown that do not load a PC or mobile device. Users can refuse from this option, but in this case they will not be able to receive a reward.

In the settings, you can activate the blocking of social networks and various extensions:

Cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token

Yes, for viewing ads, an ordinary user will receive Basic Attention Token - a cryptocurrency that is traded on all major exchanges like Binance and is supported by all popular EXODUS wallets.

Basic Attention Token was created on the Ethereum blockchain. The developers made an internal cryptocurrency for the Brave web browser. ICO Basic Attention took place on May 31, 2017, all tokens were sold in 30 seconds. One of the participants spent $ 4.7 million on new coins. Only 130 people managed to participate in the ICO, which caused a lot of criticism.

According to the idea, together with the Basic Attention Token ecosystem, the blockchain is the supreme arbiter. Due to this, you remain anonymous (no one is following or merging your data), you see high-quality and tested ads that are fully consistent with your interests (it does not depend on advertising on the site and looks like pop-up notifications in the browser), and you earn BAT tokens for your time and attention.

In turn, advertisers deliver their message to a high-quality target audience and pay only for real views, which means they save the budget. If you're thinking how to become a day trader with BAT, you should read some information on sites and guides.

Brave payments

There is also an integrated Brave Payments micropayment system. In short, you can make small payments in favor of your favorite sites that you visit most often.

In the settings, it is enough to indicate the amount of BAT or other cryptocurrency that you are willing to spend within a month, and the browser itself will proportionally to the number of your visits divide the money between the resources you select.

By the way, wallet identifiers and all transactions are anonymous, so no one, even Brave himself, knows who, to whom and how many tokens are sending.

, Brave: Crypto-Secure Web Browser Review & Test & # 8212; Cryptonaute, Criptomonedas e ICOs, Criptomonedas e ICOs

Brave now

10 million active users per month

The browser is quite interesting, functional and flexible. Unfortunately, the desktop version is not the most stable, for some it can run many times longer than the same Chrome. In addition, it must be borne in mind that if the original desktop version weighed up to 300 MB, then in a month of easy use it grew 3 times. Interesting reports are laid out on the main blog site, which can be found in more detail: from the speed of work, optimization on any platforms and to the inconsistency of the proposals from Google and IAB on reforming the RTB.

It is possible that under the guise of good intentions, Brave is developing its own advertising business. And today, the reward of Brave Rewards is quite symbolic, so problems with its withdrawal may arise. Since the scheme of special interaction with advertising that the developers offer is not even obvious for experienced users, not to mention the most ordinary users.

Of course, the idea of ​​Brave creators to become intermediaries in the circulation of advertising between users, sites and advertisers will also be negatively perceived. Moreover, the developers also mention a certain small percentage, which they will take for themselves. It is possible that the idea of ​​the authors will still show itself on the positive side. And if this does not happen, then the developers can still completely rethink or at least adjust their original plans.

Judging by some features of the interface, which can already be observed, the creators of the project are ready to experiment not only with the display of advertising.

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