Modern technologies are constantly advancing, and artificial intelligence has emerged as a highly promising field. Numerous innovative services now utilize neural networks and other machine learning technologies to carry out various tasks.

One such service is Delphi Chat GPT, a desktop application designed to interact with ChatGPT. Powered by generative adversarial networks, this platform allows users to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by the web version of ChatGPT. These include engaging in conversations on diverse topics and posing questions to the neural network.

Delphi Chat GPT also offers additional features. For instance, users can adjust chat settings such as temperature, which determines the level of creativity or accuracy in the neural network's responses.

Furthermore, the application incorporates automatic translation of messages into English, facilitating communication with native speakers of different languages.

Moreover, Delphi Chat GPT supports DALL-E and Whisper, enabling users to create unique images and utilize them within the chat. The application provides corresponding buttons that facilitate image recognition and the retrieval of pictures from DALL-E.

Users only need to obtain an API token to utilize the application, making it easily accessible to all.

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