MacOS convenient in many ways, but not in all. For example, there's no an easy way to disable or reduce the sound of a specific application. You have to install a tiny utility.

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After installing the Background Music you will get an easy and a convenient control over the various audio sources without the need to switch between programs.

Background Music on MacOS

With this utility, you can:

  • automatically pause or unpause audioplayer when another audio source begins playback;
  • sound control in each individual application.
  • recording system audio;

The application does not require a restart, and the interface is fully integrated into the system.

Automatic pause of audio

Автоматическое приостановление аудио на macOS

Background Music can automatically stop the sound in one app if another begins to play. At the moment this feature only works with players:

  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • VLC
  • VOX
  • Decibel
  • Hermes
  • Swinsian

Individual sound control of applications

If you were using Windows, you will understand immediately this feature. All current sound sources has its own slider. It can be used to increase the sound of one of the applications and decrease in others.

Управление звуком приложений на macOS

Record system audio

To record the sound with Background Music launch QuickTime Player. Select New record and select the Background Music source.

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