If you are not satisfied with how the system controls PC fans, you can adjust your settings and apply them automatically.

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FanCtrl – program for automatic adjustment of speed of PC fans on CPU, graphics card and other devices.

With its help you can easily increase or adjust the speed of rotation of PC fans depending on your needs.

A little clever words

For correct operation of the application in the system must be installed library .NET framework 4.6 and above. There are also small differences between different motherboards.

For Gigabyte, the office works through EasytuneEngineService provided you install the AppCenter on a computer. For other boards it is recommended to install LibreHardwareMonitorLib or OpenHardwareMonitorLib.

In General, that's all that matters and the utility can be used out of the box.

What can

Immediately after starting FanCtrl displays current system status:

  • the temperature on the motherboard, graphics card, etc
  • the speed of the PC fans
  • and the temperature control settings (if you have them installed)

To add your settings you have to press the Auto button Fan Control in the dialog box to choose a sensor, a PC fan and specify the parameters for each mode.

All four mode: normal, silence, performance, and game. The setting is done with a simple drag graphs on the options you want.

In the settings you can also activate the output directly to your desktop.


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