In this post I will tell you how in two clicks and half a minute of your time to rename files in a folder on your computer according to data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

When it might come in handy

Probably the first question that arises in my head: "Why?". Such a scenario also never occurred to me until I found a question on the Internet from the owner of an online store.

They had a scenario where they had to take a photo of a bunch of goods and then rename the photos according to their SKU. This task is very easy to solve.

To do this, you need to prepare a list of articles in an Excel table, and then photograph all the goods in the same order as the data in the table. And then just automatically rename them.

Renaming files

Download the Rename the Multiple files.xlsm file from the link at the end of the article and open it.

There are three main fields in the file:

  • The first is a list of files from the folder to be renamed.
  • The second is the new name for the files, including the extension.
  • The third is the path to the file folder.

Now let's start renaming. To do this, put all the files that need to be renamed into a separate folder, and in the Rename the Multiple files file, in the Folder Path cell, specify the path to this folder, and click the Get Information button.

After that, a list of files from the folder will appear in the Current Name column. In the New Name column, specify a new name for the files, and click the Rename the File button . And you're done, all files have been renamed.

Download Rename the Multiple files | File source

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