Don't know why, but it is not the first time I've seen questions about how to run one or more applications under different IP addresses. If you are also searching for the answer to this question, it is in this post.

This is autotranslated version of this post.

Proxifier for Windows and macOS allows you to run applications using the defined proxy server.

With the help of this utility we will solve our task. Download Proxifier and run it.

Now in the application you need to add a list of proxy servers through which you plan to work. If the list is there, everything is cool. Alternatively, it can be easily naguglit on the network. For example, here is one. Or you can buy one here.

To add a proxy, click Profile in the menu, and select Proxy Servers.

In the opened window click Add button and fill in the details of Proxima.

Now you need to click on the icon Proxification Rules to create rules for applications.

In this section you need to click the Add button and create the rule. In the rule you can specify the applications for which it is active, and specify which proxy server to let these applications.

For each application you need to specify your proxy server and for others to configure the default connection.

After that, applications will need to access the Internet through these proxies, and the rest will connect as usual.

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