To stand out among others and collect likes, you need to be able to make photos bright and memorable. And this is exactly what services from FRANZIS can help you with. They are suitable for both professional photographers and ordinary amateurs.

HDR projects 8 Pro

An application that will make your pictures amazingly contrasting and detailed.


  • Unique HDR styles;
  • New color module;
  • Detailed to the smallest detail images;
  • RAW support.

Suitable for Windows and Mac, it has standalone and plug-in.

Price: $99.


Allows you to take natural images without noise with ISO 5.000.00. The application automatically removes all 7 types of noise and allows you to get a fast and high-quality result.


  • Color-sensitive noise reduction;
  • Maximum quality of noise reduction "Pro Infinity";
  • Redesigned user interface for 4K displays;
  • Automatic sharpness check in the noise reduction module.

Windows only.

Price : $99.

FOCUS projects 5 Pro

An application with which you can create clear and detailed macros.


  • Complete UI redesign for 4k Ultra-HD;
  • Focus Overlay Algorithms
  • Focus Peaking module for displaying focused areas;
  • Ability to load focus stacks from video.

Plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Price : $99.

BLACK&WHITE projects 6 Pro

A tool for creating high quality monochrome images in all areas of photography. The manufacturer promises that with the help of it, everyone will be able to master black and white photography.


  • The highest image quality for black and white photography;
  • 184 ideas for your individual style;
  • Preset categories of lighting effects and street photos.

Standalone and plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop. Suitable for Windows and Mac.

Price: $99.


An application that will save your blurry pictures. Allows you to increase the clarity in selected areas and correct sensor errors in just a couple of clicks.


  • Multidirectional sharpness;
  • 3-level resampling;
  • 4 sharpness quality modes: Balanced, Pro, Pro+, Pro Infinity;
  • Blur function PSF incl. comparison display;
  • Support for 1213 RAW camera formats.

Plugin for Adobe Lightroom Classic. Suitable for Windows only.

Price: $99.

COLOR projects 6 Pro

An application with which you can easily create bright, memorable images. Creative, easy and fast processing.


  • Ability to create individual photorealistic textures using the texture converter;
  • Special filters with new lighting effects such as light frames, Kirlian lights, light bokeh and fireworks;
  • 208 image and montage styles;
  • Offline plug-in filter, 4K interface, GPS.

Suitable for Mac and Windows as standalone software, and has a separate plug-in for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Price: $99.

NEAT projects 2 Pro

Ideal for capturing landmarks. NEAT can help you remove people, animals, and even vehicles from your shots that obscure your subject.


● Ability to quickly remove all unnecessary objects from the picture without the need for additional editing;

● Plug-in for Adobe Lightroom.

Price: $99.

ANALOG projects 3

An option for lovers of retro style photos. Allows you to add a "faded" effect, gives photos a typical Polaroid look, adds margins to old negatives.


  • Color tinting module;
  • Handmade analogue films;
  • New professional effects in a unique quality;
  • Professional SCA process for the smallest color details.

Suitable for Windows and Mac.

Price: $69.

EMOTION projects professional

App for emotional, creative editing. Ideal for landscape, street, and portrait photography.


  • Image Mood Assistant editor;
  • Unlimited creative combinations;
  • 4 intelligent smart filters;
  • Plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom.

Suitable for Windows and Mac.

Price: $49.

NATURE projects

An application for those who like to take pictures of the outdoors. Thanks to him, your pictures will always have the right weather.


  • Special software for weather effects;
  • Simple operation and convincing results;
  • Plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Suitable for Windows and Mac.

Price: $59.

Easy Photo

A good option for beginners. No frills or technical jargon, just an app to really enhance your photos.


● Lots of features to improve photos;

● Analysis of the image for compliance with the rules of photography;

● No guesswork: the scoring system reliably shows improvement.

Price: $29.


An HDR tool for Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Best HDR processing directly as a plug-in.


● 32-bit HDR images with full lighting information;

● Lossless 32-bit TIFF compression and dedicated HDR formats.

Suitable for Windows and Mac.

Price: $30.

Among the FRANZIS applications, any photographer can find something that will make his life easier or improve the quality of his shots. If you are a beginner, pay attention to Easy Foto. If you are an architectural photographer and want to quickly remove unnecessary objects from the frame, take NEAT projects. And if you need to learn how to process black and white photos, install BLACK&WHITE projects.

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