Monthly collection of apps for iOS from my telegram channel on July 2019. Here you will find a brief description of must have apps for your Apple smartphone.

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In today's selection:

  • RusVPN (VPN)
  • TextExpander (auto type for text)
  • RusDate (Dating)
  • Checketry (manage your downloads on any device)
  • NordVPN (VPN)
  • Lockdown (firewall)


RusVPN is a multi platform VPN service that supports installation on a router and promises no surveillance and anonymity.

Go to RusVPN website


TextExpander is a powerful utility for auto type text and run macros in any program. With proper training you can write a novel, by pressing just one button.



RusDate is a web-based service and mobile dating application, which contains hundreds of thousands of user profiles from Canada, Germany, USA, Israel. Do not forget about the users from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Download RusDate


Checketry is a file download manager that allows you to manage and control downloads between different devices.

Popular desktop and mobile browsers are supported, µTorrent, Steam.



NordVPN is one of the oldest and most popular commercial VPN services. The first version of the application appeared in 2012.



Lockdown - firewall for your iPhone. The app can block Internet access for applications and websites.


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