A standard set of programs is not always enough to achieve the desired result as quickly and without problems as possible. For example, find a specific photo in a huge library, restore missing pieces in an old image, or remove noise from a video.

Today we will consider a set of applications from FRANZIS, which will help speed up the work not only for professionals, but also for beginners.

PhotoZoom 8 Pro

An essential tool for those who want to enlarge images while maintaining maximum quality. Ideal for close-ups.


  • Sharpness and brightness settings for maximum effect;
  • The ability to “revive” the smallest details;
  • Print images directly from the program;
  • Maximum performance level of patented S-Spline technology;
  • Ability to integrate with Lightroom.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $99.

Sketch 23

A program that turns your photos into realistic black and white and color drawings.


  • 5 classic drawing styles;
  • 70 art drawing styles;
  • Professional effects: photo-to-drawing transitions, scaling, blur effects and more;
  • Built-in batch processing to create cartoons and comics, even from videos.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $99.

Retoucher 11

An application that will help restore and retouch old photos. Allows you to remove creases, stains and scratches, as well as restore missing parts of the image in just a few clicks.


  • Automatic recovery mode;
  • Post-processing tools to remove the latest defects;
  • Ability to remove unnecessary objects;
  • Possibility of reconstruction of missing areas;
  • Standalone and plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, Serif Affinity Photo.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $99.

Refocus 10

The application allows you to increase the clarity and sharpness of images or apply artistic blur to them.


  • Various sharpening and blurring modes;
  • bokeh effect;
  • Can be used as a standalone program or plug-in for AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $49.

Nature Art 11

An application that can “revive” a landscape shot with amazing effects and realistic natural phenomena.


  • The ability to create natural effects “from scratch”;
  • Many presets with a variety of weather effects;
  • Support for a large number of RAW files in the standalone version;
  • Plugins for AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Corel PaintShop.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $99.

Coloriage 12.5

Innovative photo auto coloring software. Allows you to colorize both modern and archival photographs. If you need to quickly find the right color for a room, Coloriage can handle it.


  • Possibility of coloring or recoloring portraits, illustrations, landscapes, clothes and still lifes;
  • Automatic detection of the edges of the object - without suffering with layers.

Can be used as standalone software or as a plug-in for AliveColors, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel PaintShop.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $99.

SILKYPIX 10 JPEG Photography

Image enhancement software. In addition to the standard functions for adjusting exposure, white balance and contrast, SILKYPIX offers 66 additional filters, a Fine Detail noise reduction mode and a perspective correction tool.


  • Possibility of individual adjustment of light and shadows;
  • Ability to remove fog or steam from a photo;
  • Improved noise reduction in dark areas;
  • Lots of portrait editing tools.

Works only with JPEG photos. Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $45.

Excire Foto

A powerful application designed for easy photo manipulation and content browsing. Numerous AI-powered features help you instantly find the photos you need.


  • Intelligent content navigation;
  • Simple, intuitive interface;
  • Standalone or plug-in Adobe Lightroom.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $69.

Excire Search 2 Pro

Another handy organizer app that uses artificial intelligence to help expand your Lightroom library.


  • Quick search for people in a photo;
  • Keyword search;
  • Face search and analysis technology.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $69.

ZOOM #1 professional

Application for high-quality image scaling using artificial intelligence. Allows you to select any scaling factor and get maximum detail without sacrificing quality.


  • Convenient printing setup due to the possibility of manually entering the length of the sides;
  • Scale factor up to 10,000%;
  • 6 quality modes;
  • Zoomable up to 1000 megapixels;
  • Overdrive sharpness mode with 3 options for optimal sharpness;
  • Photoshop and Lightroom Classic plugins.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $76.

SHARPEN Video #1 professional

An app to sharpen videos like a pro with intelligent and automatic blur correction. Suitable for videos shot with a smartphone, camera or drone.


  • 4 sharpness quality modes;
  • Over 60 presets;
  • PSF blur function;
  • Sharpness HD color protection;
  • Reducing video artifacts.

Windows only. Price: $78.

Cut Out 10 Professional

Program for professional cutting of objects. Allows you to create breathtaking photo collages.


  • Improved recognition of object boundaries;
  • “Smart eraser” for finishing touches;
  • Magnetic tool for intelligent edge identification;
  • Built-in Photoshop plugin.

Windows only. Price: $99.

Photo Express Viewer

The application displays a large number of JPEG, TIFF and RAW files stored on the hard drive or external memory of the computer, and allows you to view, select and mark photos at high speed.


  • Various labels for organizing photos;
  • Filter to search for the desired pictures;
  • Arbitrary sorting of thumbnails;
  • Centralized administration of file names;
  • Preview - you can compare photos vertically and horizontally;
  • Lots of hotkeys.

Price: $25.

LUT Video #1 professional

LUT #1 quickly and easily creates a “lookup table” from any image, allowing you to apply its style to your video.


  • Additional balance modules and protection zones;
  • User database for LUT photo styles;
  • 25 preset templates.

Windows only. Price: $60.

Silkypix Developer Studio 11 Pro

RAW processing software that extracts the most data from the camera and delivers the highest image quality.


  • Multiple exposure of moving objects;
  • Latest generation image metadata;
  • Color conversion with fine color gamut detail;
  • Ability to delete unwanted objects.

Suitable for Windows and Mac. Price: $200.

Fransiz applications are an excellent solution for those who are not satisfied with the standard set of Adobe programs for solving problems. Instantly improve photo quality, scale a photo without sacrificing quality, restore old family archive photos - all this can be done in just a couple of clicks, regardless of your level of preparation.

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