Android has long had the Digital Wellbeing app. Thanks to this application, you can control the use of your smartphone and each application separately. Understand what you have spent your life on, and perhaps take some action.

In this post, I have put together a few computer alternatives. I suggest you familiarize yourself with them.

Cold turkey

The application boasts that it will be quite problematic to disable the lock on its own after activating it. Cold Turkey has a built-in list of distractions, but you can always create and import your own list of categories or sites.

Blocking by domain, specific URL, keyword or mask is supported. Similarly, you can block applications by specifying a specific executable file, folder or application name. And you can even block the entire computer and go outside.

To lock, you can set up a schedule, and to unlock, you can require one of the actions: type a random generated text, restart your computer, or enter a password. Of course, you can prohibit unlocking until a certain time.

During blocking, an inspirational quote is displayed to set you up to work. There are statistics of your work (or in this case - not work) at the computer.



This is a cross-platform application that is configured via the web interface, after which it simply cannot be stopped on the client computer.

Supports blocking sites and applications for certain parameters or categories. There is a schedule, but the reports have not been delivered.



Focus Me is available for computers and mobile devices. Like its counterparts, the application will help block any distracting sites and applications.

There is support for white and black lists, time tracking in applications, timers for using applications, various "tomato" timers, password protection and much more.



Design aside, SprintWork can help you effectively block resources and track time spent in applications.

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other popular social networks are blocked by default. Of course, you can add your own resources and applications.

There are three types of blocking: whitelisting, blacklisting, and blocking the entire internet connection. You can set up a schedule for any of the blocks.


Email to SMS Add-on
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