It's not easy to find a suitable tool for task management. I have tried many of them, and still unhappy. I'm a Google-boy and must to try Google Tasks.

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The service is as old as Google Calendar. Mobile apps appeared about a year ago. I'm doing the review now, so I can look at all functions of the program, not just the starter pack. And yes, there's no web version.

Google Tasks — is an upgraded Task which you could see in Gmail or Google Calendar. The app is available on iOS and Android.

The web version, if you can call it this way, is available in Google Calendar and looks almost the same as before.

Web-version of Google Tasks

There is nothing new and interesting. It is easier to assume that the web version doesn't exist. However, the tasks of mobile applications will be available here.

It's  officially impossible to import a list of tasks from other task managers. This problem is solved with the help of Zapier and similar services.

A smartphone app has all the features of the web version. Which is easy, because there is no much.

Google Tasks — the most simple application. By clicking on the plus sign you create a task. To the task, you can add a description and specify a time (repeat tasks are supported).

Create a task in Google Tasks

Tasks can be divided by lists and arranged by date.

Google Tasks

Assign a task to someone, add tags/labels or to specify a priority is impossible. But you can copy a reminder from Google Assistant.

If you need a simple and free task manager and you use Google Calendar, Google Tasks is for you. For users who need flexible management of tasks, I don't suggest even looking at this app.

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