Monthly collection of apps for Windows from my telegram channel in June 2020. Here you will find a brief description of useful applications for your favorite gadget.

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In today's selection:

  • Fing (network search problems)
  • Remote Fingerprint Unlock (lock PC fingerprint)
  • Hypatia (similar to LaTeX)
  • Citra (Nintendo DS emulator)
  • Wormhole (to control the phone from the computer)
  • Viber (instant messenger)
  • Photo Scan (recognize text on photos)
  • Nozbe (GTD)
  • Nicepage (visual editor for sites)
  • Bridge ProtonMail (Protonmail access from desktop client)


Sometimes when working on the network may experience various problems, and to understand their source is not always easy. Maybe a neighbor hacked the Wi-Fi and loads the torrents, maybe the ISP has reduced the speed or something broke? To understand the reason for using this app.

Fing is a utility to scan the network to check the connected devices, run speed tests and identify problems.

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Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Remote Fingerprint Unlock app for remote and safe unlock PC with Windows using the fingerprint sensor on your Android.



Hypatia simplified version of LaTeX is supported, validating formulas and export to Tex files.

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Citra emulator open source to run games with the Nintendo 3DS.



Wormhole will help you to manage Android smartphone with Windows or macOS computer.



Viber is one of the most popular messengers in Russia and the world. Communications are secure end-to-end encryption. Group chats with the ability to send files and stickers, autodelete messages. Individual audio and video calls. Of the minuses β€” very often send spam.


Photo Scan

Photo Scan - an application for Windows that helps you to quickly recognize the text in the photo.

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Nozbe is a service to manage your tasks in GTD style. The service combines a simple interface, apps for all major platforms and integration with Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter.



Nicepage is a cross β€” platform visual editor of sites for Joomla and WordPress.


ProtonMail Bridge

ProtonMail Bridge - application for paid users Proton Mail. It can be used to receive mail from the Proton in any desktop client without losing all the charms of encryption.

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