The monthly selection of web services from my telegram channel for May 2020. Here you will find a brief description of useful services to solve various problems.

This is autotranslated version of this post.

In today's selection:

  • Octopush (Push notifications on GitHub)
  • Robot Uptime (check the uptime of the site)
  • ICC Profiles and Monitor Settings Database (the database of colour profiles for monitors)
  • Updatefy (widget from Google sheets)
  • MICROPHONE TEST (to test the microphone)
  • (collaboration video)
  • Notion (storage of notes)
  • VoxWorker (text to voice)
  • Vectr (vector graphics editor)


Octopush is committed to receive Push alerts on certain events (pushes, commits, etc) repository on GitHub.

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Uptime Robot

Uptime Robot is a free tool with plenty of settings to monitor the availability of web services. The free account the check is done every 5 minutes.

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ICC Profiles and Monitor Settings Database

ICC Profiles and Monitor Settings Database - as the name implies base settings color profiles for monitors of different brands. If you don't know how best to do this website will help you.

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Updatefy β€” will help to turn a Google Spreadsheet into a widget on your website.

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MICROPHONE TEST will help to test the microphone online.

To try β€” service for collaborative online work on video projects. You can quickly discuss and make changes to the desired project.

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Notion is the app storage knowledge, notes, files, tasks, wikis, and just about anything.

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VoxWorker voiced by a nice Russian voice any typed text.

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Vectr is a powerful, beautiful and easy to use program and online service for working with vector graphics. And most importantly β€” it is completely free. Here you will find all the necessary tools for the job.

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Useful Windows application for for May 2020
Useful extensions for Chrome and Firefox for may 2020

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